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    Video Wall

    The Video Wall Ad is a nice looking full-screen video format for Desktop non-responsive sites. It starts showing video in the background of a website. This results in full attention and is not obtrusive at the same time.  The user can watch the video in full-screen via klick. There can be build in a Call to Action button and the video is muted by default.

    File size: This format consists of a Billboard ad (800x250px) and a video that must have a size of at least 1280x720px. On bunte.de we need a Medium Rectangle 300x250px in addition. The Billboard ad and video are sufficient for all other subpages.

    We recommend building in a Call to Action button to the Billboard ad and to make it transparent, so the video in the background can be shown at large.

    File format: mp4 (H.264 Baseline), Bitrate 750 KB/sec

    File size: max 10 MB   

    BCN - technical specifications


    Please make sure to deliver all information and creatives needed, 3 days prior to start of the campaign. Please send the following information to this e-mail address: bcn.campaigning@burda.com

    • Advertiser name
    • Campaign name
    • Booking period
    • Booked pages or placement
    • Ad formats
    • Contact person

    Please send 3rd party redirects in a separate file as an attachment. All ad material provided has to be SSL-encrypted. Third-party tracking and view time measurements are allowed but must be SSL-encrypted. We allow tracking pixel and click counters but no JS pixel.



    • All formats must be SSL-encrypted
    • We do not support expandable ad formats
    • Auto play is not accepted in any case. There has to be a user interaction for example a mouse-over click to play the sound off the video.
    • Please be aware that we don't accept ads with a close button
    • BCN uses a frequency capping for every campaign.
    • All MEW ads can be delivered in double resolution to improve the representation on retina displays. Example: A Medium Rectangle ad 600x500px will be shown in 300x250 (don’t forget to pay attention to the file size!).