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    Three times the benefit: The market leader for entertainment weeklies (FREIZEIT REVUE), together with the most popular shopping magazine in Germany’s eastern states (SUPERillu) and GLÜCKS REVUE build the basis of our attractive basic combination offer for Germany-wide media strategies.

    Your benefits:

  • You save 7 percent.
  • Germany-wide entertainment for 4.12 million readers (ma 2021 I).
  • Top CPM in a comparison of the target group of 50plus.
  • Keyfacts

    Sources: Sold circulation IVW I/21 | Total reach ma 2021 I | Prices valid from 01.01.2021
    Circulation 779,566
    Reach 4.12 m
    Combi booking EUR 50,660
    Single booking EUR 54,470
    Saving 7.00 %

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