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    Perfect for anyone who needs to act fast.

    When you’re in a hurry, Hubert Burda Media guarantees you the fastest express booking for advertisements with all German magazine publishers.

    Our express booking service has been a standard component of the Burda Community Network (BCN) for many years, and even in our fast-paced media business environment, it’s one of a kind.

    Just four business days prior to initial publication

    Spontaneous market partners love the short lead time between the booking date and the date of publication. You can book an advertisement with Hubert Burda Media just four business days prior to initial publication.

    Express booking is available for the following publications:

    BUNTE, burda style, Das Haus, ELLE, FOCUS, FOCUS-MONEY, Frau im Trend, FREIZEIT REVUE, FREIZEIT SPASS, freundin, Gartenspaß, GLÜCKS REVUE, Guter Rat, InStyle, Lisa, Lisa Blumen & Pflanzen, Lisa Kochen & Backen, Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren, Lust auf Genuss, Mein Buffet, meine Familie & ich, Mein schöner Garten, neue woche, SUPERillu, TV SPIELFILM plus, WOHNEN & GARTEN.

    Requirements for express booking:

  • Express bookings require a 1/1 format.
  • Artwork must be delivered using www.duon-portal.de.
  • Placement agreements are not available.
  • Return claims for quality and placement do not apply.
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