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    The entire women’s power in one combination: it unites all weekly women’s magazines of KLAMBT with the addition of DIE 2, being the  weekly program magazine with the highest female readership. This combination covers health, service and advice topics, fashion, care tips and the latest news, and hence is the ideal weekly combination for best ager women.

    Your benefits:

  • More than 12 % saving when booking the combination
  • Benefit from an attractive cost per million
  • Ideal for addressing the female target group: 83 % of the readership of this combination are women
  • Keyfacts

    Sources: Sold circulation IVW I/21 | reach: ma 2021 I | prices valid from 01.01.2021
    Circulation 475.044
    Reach 1.72 m
    Combi booking 29,950 EUR
    Single booking 34,230 EUR
    Saving 13 %

     *The combination "Klambt Mega Kombi" shown by agma includes the titles "7TAGE, FRAU MIT HERZ, DIE NEUE FRAU, LEA, DIE2". In addition to these titles, you also book the "WOCHE DER FRAU" ", which was not surveyed, with the "Klambt Mega Kombi".


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