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    Many examples prove that opportunities for companies to source new creative or sustainable ways of doing business can be found in the current crisis, while we are also discovering new methods of interacting as a society and shaping our individual lives. This is where the media takes on a significant role, as it offers guidance alongside information.


    Hubert Burda Media is launching the #AufbruchZukunft initiative

    It is against this backdrop that Hubert Burda Media is launching its #AufbruchZukunft (#ABrightNewFuture) initiative. This addresses the fundamental changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic that have become tangible in three primary areas of our lives: our economy, our society and our individual lifestyles. #AufbruchZukunft will support a forward-looking, constructive attitude in all three areas and outline positive examples.

    61 million
    people in Germany trust the journalistic offers provided by Hubert Burda Media.

    Three areas that have been affected by the change

    While the economy realigns and reinvents itself, Hubert Burda Media brands offer guidance and illustrate where risks and opportunities for healthy growth lie after the crisis has passed. From an overall societal perspective, media brands inspire a new kind of solidarity and sense of community in a variety of different ways, but they also aim to accompany every individual as a role model and guide.


    "We are facing the beginning of one of the greatest challenges of our generation. We will have to find a new sense of stability economically, politically and culturally – and the task of the media is to position the discussion on Germany’s future in a realistic and optimistic manner.”

    Philipp Welte

    Member of the Board at Hubert Burda Media

    Rely on our analysis, media expertise and reach

    Source: best4planning 2019 III Update (data base: German speaking 14+ years)

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