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    Many examples prove that opportunities for companies to source new creative or sustainable ways of doing business can be found in the current crisis, while we are also discovering new methods of interacting as a society and shaping our individual lives. This is where the media takes on a significant role, as it offers guidance alongside information.


    61 million
    people in Germany trust the journalistic offers provided by Hubert Burda Media.

    Hubert Burda Media is launching the #AufbruchZukunft initiative

    It is against this backdrop that Hubert Burda Media is launching its #AufbruchZukunft (#ABrightNewFuture) initiative. This addresses the fundamental changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic that have become tangible in three primary areas of our lives: our economy, our society and our individual lifestyles. #AufbruchZukunft will support a forward-looking, constructive attitude in all three areas and outline positive examples.

    Three areas that have been affected by the change

    While the economy realigns and reinvents itself, Hubert Burda Media brands offer guidance and illustrate where risks and opportunities for healthy growth lie after the crisis has passed. From an overall societal perspective, media brands inspire a new kind of solidarity and sense of community in a variety of different ways, but they also aim to accompany every individual as a role model and guide.


    "We are facing the beginning of one of the greatest challenges of our generation. We will have to find a new sense of stability economically, politically and culturally – and the task of the media is to position the discussion on Germany’s future in a realistic and optimistic manner.”

    Philipp Welte

    Member of the Board at Hubert Burda Media

    Rely on our analysis, media expertise and reach

    Source: best4planning 2019 III Update (data base: German speaking 14+ years)

    Our initiatives for the economy, society and each individual

    Supporting the economy by means of the media

    The last few weeks and months have hit some sectors of the economy hard. Now is the time to lend a helping hand to these industries and show solidarity towards them. In doing so, Burda is making an important contribution and taking a clear stand. Alongside the „FOCUS Innovation Prize“ – which comes with a media package worth one million euros – the media brands of Hubert Burda Media will also set the stage for industries for whom this period is particularly challenging, like the fashion industry.

    FOCUS Innovation Prize

    In line with the motto ‘Ideas that make a difference’, the new „FOCUS Innovation Prize“ highlights companies whose boldness and innovative power are opening up new opportunities in the German economy – whether they’re major corporations, SMEs or start-ups. To this end, FOCUS is making a call for applications for the Focus Innovation Prize in FOCUS Magazine, on FOCUS Online and via other Hubert Burda Media channels from the coming Saturday to the end of July. The top ten applications will be selected by the editorial team and an online poll will determine the five favourite candidates. A high calibre jury made up of entrepreneurs, politicians, academics and media professionals will then decide on the prize-winner, who will be awarded in the autumn. The prize comes with a media package worth one million euros in order to publicise the prize-winner’s innovative product ideas via Hubert Burda Media among a large target audience.

    For more information on the FOCUS Innovation Award, please visit HUBERT BURDA MEDIA at https://www.burda.com/de/news/focus-innovationspreis-ein-preis-fur-pioniere/


    FutureForFashion is an initiative that will support German fashion SMEs during this challenging time. To do so, InStyle, ELLE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, freundin, BUNTE and FOCUS will be pooling their reaches in a cross-media manner. From early May onwards they will generate attention for companies in this important German industry and give them a unique platform via print, online and social media. The basis of this initiative will be online video interviews as well as corresponding native print formats which will allow you to convey your highly topical messages as a company. The BurdaStyle brands and BUNTE.de will regularly put out videos via their websites and social media channels and thus help German fashion SMEs to make their mark.

    Guidance in the societal transformation

    If you were to ask the majority of people in our society about which important findings have come from the crisis, the issues of sustainability and health would most likely be frequently mentioned. The positive side of the crisis is currently becoming apparent in terms of nature – but the personal sphere of each individual is also being improved with a new, more conscious approach to nutrition, for example. Against this backdrop, the media brands from Hubert Burda Media are developing highly specific content initiatives that are closely oriented towards people’s everyday lives.


    The new eatbetter campaign supports people with handy tips and fool-proof recipes – online via the eatbetter.de platform and in print via platforms in all food publications. An essential component of eatbetter will be experts from the areas of nutritional science, gastronomy, health and sustainability offering guidelines that will be used to develop the content.

    Gardening campaign

    Cultivating your garden means investing in your future. We’ll begin in our own gardens. Seed paper sheets with tree or flower seeds with plant instructions included in different home and food publications will help readers to get started. However, there will also be large-scale campaigns in which Hubert Burda Media supports sustainable forestry and is actively engaged in campaigns for more trees to be planted across the country.

    Media relevance across all individual areas of life

    Our new life after the coronavirus has passed will be different – but it will be just as good, if not better than ever before. The editors of Hubert Burda Media’s print and online portfolio will stand closely alongside our readers and users side as they navigate ‘the new normal’, inspire and motivate them and offer specific advice for a bright future.


    This support offer for all areas of life will be presented under the headline of #WIRFÜRDICH. It will include fitness, health, nutrition, beauty, lifestyle, shopping, personality, career, finances, isolating and cocooning and much more. Nobody knows the over 61 million readers and users of the Burda portfolio better than the company itself. Start Bunte.de, My life, Elle.de, and digital offers from the garden and living portfolio are among the brands participating in this project. The female empowerment platform ‘Become your best’ is another project in the running. This allows you to determine which issues are sparking conversation in Germany, both at present and in the long run. By means of large-scale and extensive campaigns, readers will find answers to questions like: “My holiday was called off this year – what do I do?” “How do I lose the weight I gained during quarantine?” “I want to live healthier, but I can’t stop smoking!” “How do I become a better version of myself?” One prime example of this is the brand new virtual format ‘Become your best’. Key speakers and experts – together with our editorial teams – will offer vital impulses for people to become the best version of themselves. Start Bunte.de, My life, Elle.de, and digital offers from the garden and living portfolio are among the brands participating in this project.

    Cooperation: Grilling with Lucki Maurer and bunte.de

    As part of online cooking events, gourmet chef Lucki Maurer prepares dishes on various themed worlds and gives celebrity tips. The digital cooking event is complemented by suitable recipes and shopping lists. Thus, the cooking events offer an authentic and wide-reaching platform for product placement or sponsorship.

    Please get in touch with our points of contact for up-to-date marketing offers that are perfectly tailored to your brand or products. We will also be able to find unique opportunities to convey your message and transform Germany for the better. Highly relevant platforms that are always up-to-date can be found under the #AufbruchZukunft hashtag in our topic preview tool.