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    FOCUS is the modern news magazine from the German capital of Berlin, a place where trends are born and important political decisions reached. FOCUS addresses the full spectrum of important social issues like no other news magazine in its class.

    FOCUS brings clarity to complex topics and offers its readers the orientation they need to navigate this fast, digital world. FOCUS incorporates emotional visual language in multi-dimensional stories and combines unique narratives with high-quality service.

    Main target audience

    FOCUS is designed for cosmopolitan, politically-minded and educated readers that are accepting and open to a range of cultures. FOCUS readers have a positive attitude and strong personal values. They are open to new knowledge and perspectives, and they are focused on the future.

    [Source contacts: target group E14+, b4p 2018 II, *brand reach cross media monthly 4x Focus mobile, desktop and app, AGOF ddf  ∅ month (Oct, Nov, Dec 2018), IVW 3/18, distributed circulation]

    FOCUS brand video

    "People in FOCUS“ What is the mission of a news magazine today? Editor-in-chief Robert Schneider describes the role Focus: "a modern news magazine can do so much more than just report the news. FOCUS helps its readers make the right choices so they can successfully ride the wave of change.”


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