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    freundin is a girl-friend: "One who is honest with me. One who is critical and loving at the same time. One who also shares her concerns with me. One who is there for me. In every situation. freundin is the magazine for more WE in life." freundin is an advisor, confidante, problem solver, shopping companion, source of ideas, inspiration, entertainer and orientation guide.

    Main target audience

    freundin is for women who enjoy (or want to enjoy) life.

    freundin inspires women who are in an exciting phase of their lives: they are enjoying professional success, starting a family, are outgoing and have a large circle of friends. They are very active, curious, optimistic, and consumption-oriented, and they have a positive outlook.

    [Sources contacts: brand reach cross-media, per month 2x Freundin, mobile and desktop, AGOF ddf ∅ month (July-September 2020), IVW 3/20]


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