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  • Mein schönes Land - The essence of country living

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    1.21 m


    The brand family of mein schönes Land stands for living a natural lifestyle and experiencing and appreciating authenticity. This brand experience can be found in its focus on gardening, food, living and interior design, health and travel. It extends across all line extensions and digital channels. Land magazines are in vogue, a fact illustrated by its 1.21 million readers of each issue.

    mein schönes Land is aimed at all country life and nature enthusiasts. It offers them a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and satisfies their longing for a rural life.

    Main target audience

    Women who love the natural life and like to treat themselves. They are on average 50 years old and live in high-income households with their partner, owning their own home and garden. They value home and family, as well as memories and traditions. They maintain a natural, sustainable lifestyle and allow themselves to take a break from everyday life in a conscientious manner. They use these moments to seek inspiration and relaxation. They also enjoy fine living, as well as new interior design ideas and tasty recipes.

    [Source contacts: b4p 2020 II]

    Mein schönes Land is the successful cross-media brand for everyone who wants to bring the country into their lives. It is among the top 3 country titles and has a stable circulation trend. At the same time, Mein schönes Land has the strongest brand loyalty and is the only brand with significant growth in brand loyalty. It covers a wide variety of topics from the areas of gardening, food, health, living & household, travel, culture, lifestyle, region & home.


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