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    This internationally-successful premium lifestyle brand offers everything that men love – and in Germany, it has been an audience favourite for 46 years thanks to its diversity, high standards, excellence and cross-media presence. The PLAYBOY media brand stands for quality journalism and offers its readers widely quoted interviews, award-winning reporting and sophisticated photography. PLAYBOY covers every topic relevant to men from the realms of cars, lifestyle, style, grooming, technology, enjoyment, travel and culture.


    PLAYBOY is published by Kouneli Media GmbH.

    Main target audience

    PLAYBOY readers are modern, cultivated gentlemen that love life and luxury, and have a strong interest in topics related to fashion and lifestyle. They are ambitious leaders at work and adventurous connoisseurs in their spare time.

    [Source contacts: cross-media brand reach print, mobile and desktop per month, AGOF ddf ∅ Monat (July-September 2020), IVW 3/20]


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