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    Driven by the fast-changing reality of life, new requirements are triggered within target groups. People go ‚back to the roots‘ and seek decelerating moments in combination with a higher emphasis on personal health.

    “If I had one wish? I’d opt for happiness and health!” Wellbeing is the central topic for women at the age of 35. The importance of personal happiness and wellbeing as well as the balance of body and soul increases constantly over time and become vital elements in the societies’ scale of values. 

    VITAL is the matching brand to the ‘feel-good-attitude’ of life. The elements, beauty, health, food, psychology, fashion, and travel are captured in different emotions: Heartwarming and enriching. Thoroughly researched and comprehensively illustrated. Modern and with innovative visual imagery.

    A true piece of luck - recurring every month.

    Core Target Group

    Health-conscious women at the age of 35

    [Source: b4p 2019 II]


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