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    ADAC Motorwelt is the most important communications channel for ADAC, with nearly 20 million ADAC members. The magazine has a high user value and provides readers with comprehensive information on all services and topics relating to mobility in an entertaining manner.

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 10 x a year
    Publication date Friday
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 127,680 EUR
    Copies sold 13.49 m


    Why choose ADAC Motorwelt?

  • The biggest single circulating medium in Europe
  • Contains stories related to the automobile, travel, leisure and club life
  • The editorial charter ensures that the magazine contents are independent.
  • High level of reader involvement thanks to a clear orientation for utility value
  • ADAC Motorwelt – The magazine for mobility

    ADAC motorwelt is by far the most important communications channel of ADAC, the automobile association in Germany. The official member magazine for 20 million members is connected to the other digital channels of ADAC.

    The journalistic approach is that ADAC motorwelt provides optimum user value and information on services related to mobility and addresses its members’ needs and wishes. The magazine contains well-researched solutions for all sorts of seasonal and current questions regarding mobility in an entertaining manner. The range of topics includes automobiles, traffic, holidays, travel, and even motorcycling.

    The power behind the written word: ADAC motorwelt has a readership of more than 15 million per issue, making it the only medium in Europe with this outreach. It is only the most successful TV formats that attain a comparable figure in terms of reach.

    The benefits to advertisers: ADAC motorwelt reaches a number of relevant target audiences at an attractive rate. It is a qualified source of information and an effective sales channel. This applies to automobile purchases, travel, other consumer goods and services.

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