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    Alexander Hugel

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    Hauptstrasse 127


    BIRGIT is an inspirational magazine for a generation of women who enjoy life. Portrayal of active, positive-minded, authentic women, aged 50 and older, in touch with their feelings and a propensity to spend. ‘Editor-at-large’ Birgit Schrowange contributes to the journalistic quality of all topics for this target audience. The magazine contains many of Birgit’s personal tips and ideas on fashion, beauty, food, travel, health, general advice and finances, as well as exciting interviews.

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 11 times p.a.
    Publication date Wednesday
    Copy price 2.95 EUR
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 20,000 EUR
    Copies sold 94,299
    Editorship Maria Sandoval


    Why choose BIRGIT?

  • The magazine unites the authenticity, strength and credibility of one person with an already successful print brand.
  • With this editorial USP and the certified edition (IVW) BIRGIT offers you security for your media plan as well as interesting cooperation possibilities.
  • Monthly community events for our female readers that can effectively reach out this target audience.
  • Innovative journalism taking the best of the best: Curated new content from experienced BurdaLife journalists with years of experience working for the middle-aged reader.
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    Advertising in BIRGIT

    • BIRGIT addresses a target audience of women, aged 50 and older, who are looking for the special something.
    • ‘Editor-at-large’ Birgit Schrowange uses her personality to set a personal tone for the magazine.
    • It contains positive-minded segments ranging from travel, health, beauty, fashion, food and advice columns addressing the special needs of its readership.

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