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    BUNTE special editions are oversized and included with the main magazine. BUNTE has published many special editions in the past, with great success. The topics are focused on tourism, cruises, cities and regions. The content of the magazines highlights the unique features of a region. With an editorial focus on cuisine, culture, special occasions and leisure, we entice our readers to travel and have amazing experiences.

    The special editions from BUNTE are an inspiration for going on regional adventures!

    Why BUNTE special editions?

  • Perfect staging opportunity, especially for the tourism sector.
  • Targets a wide, highly attractive group (see BUNTE).
  • Retail delivery and subscription circulation of the main issue currently at approx. 450,000 copies.
  • Eye-catching oversized format.
  • Advertise in BUNTE special editions

    BUNTE special editions are unique publications that are included in mailings. The topics are compiled pursuant to your needs and wishes, and are closely coordinated with you.

    Suitable topics and/or platforms

    Sonderthemen, Themenspecials und weitere Werbechancen liefert Ihnen der BCN-Umfeldplaner EN

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