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    BUNTE Genuss & Stil is more than just a cooking magazine. It is a lifestyle magazine that conceptually combines modern cuisine, the art of enjoying, hosting and "socializing". The magazine positions itself in the premium and lifestyle category; special emphasis is placed on content related to prominent personalities in a very BUNTE look.

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 2 times p.a.
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 14,800 EUR1
    1 Prices valid from 01.01.2021


    Why BUNTE Genuss & Stil?

  • BUNTE Genuss & Stil offers a perfect environment for products and brands from the food, beverage, tableware, home and lifestyle sectors.
  • BUNTE Genuss & Stil benefits from the strong image of the media brand BUNTE.
  • The enthusiasm of BUNTE readers for pleasure topics has always been very great. Readers are particularly interested in cooking (2.8 million) and the epicurean moments of life (2.4 million), there is an above-average level of interest in (b4p I, from the age of 14 up).
  • With BUNTE Genuss a market niche is closed: The positioning of a food magazine with a focus on stars as well as thematic focal points such as good hospitality and decoration create a unique selling proposition.
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    BUNTE Genuss & Stil takes readers on a tour d'horizon through lifestyle, society and gastronomy. It ranges from recipes to receptions of culinary, nutritional and social trends and currents. It leads through kitchens, dining rooms, gardens, terraces and to kitchen table talks.

    The target group of BUNTE Genuss is between 40 and 75 years of age, it is full of joie de vivre, eager to try things out, cosmopolitan and cultivates a cultivated lifestyle. Readers love to receive lifestyle information and nutritional tips, try out different dishes and attach great importance to the recommendations of the editorial team.

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