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    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    Book a teaser or banner in the weekly burda style editorial newsletter!

    Key data

    Portalname burda style Newsletter
    Newsletter subscribers (stand alone) 31,6281
    1 July 2020, publisher's statement

    Why burda style Newsletter?

  • Over 30.000 subscribers and an average of 55,15% opening the newsletter (July 2020, publisher's statement)
  • relevant and sophisticated context for above-average awareness
  • attractive channel for new customer acquisition
  • recommended for special offers, promotions and product launches
  • Your banner or teaser in the burda style newsletter

    The editorial burda style newsletter presents relevant content twice a week to over 30,000 interested subscribers.

    Booking an integration or banner in the editorial newsletter offers customers the opportunity to tailor their advertising message to the target audience.

    The burda style editors help customers find the right placement and tonality to deliver their message to the highly attentive subscribers of the newsletter, guaranteeing the undivided attention of their target audience.

    Suitable topics and/or platforms

    Special topics, themed specials and other advertising opportunities are provided by the BCN Topic Preview Tool.

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