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    Find your point of contact

    burda style Online is the go-to online platform for all fashion & DIY fans, offering the perfect blend of content, community and commerce!

    Main target audience


    43,0 % 25 - 44 years


    75,4 % Women

    July 2020, publisher's statement

    Key data

    Portalname burda style Online
    Unique Users 941,4021
    Page Impressions 77,4732
    Visits 28,9223
    Newsletter subscribers (stand alone) 31,6284
    Facebook Fans 178,3004
    Instagram 56,2004
    Pinterest 113,0004
    Youtube 15,1004
    1 II/20, google analytics
    2 IVW 02/21
    3 IVW 02/21
    4 July 2020, publisher's statement

    Why burda style Online?

  • Thanks to its high quality standards, burda style Online offers an attractive advertising environment.
  • High hit accuracy for top target audiences.
  • Keeping things moving: in addition to text and photos, we are focusing more and more on video formats.
  • burda style Online is compatible with mobile devices, so our users can access it anytime and anywhere!
  • burda style Online
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    burda style Online provides fashion and sewing fans, experts and beginners alike, with inspiration, materials, instructions, tips and tricks. The content is presented in a professional way, complete with video tutorials and sewing videos!

    The interactive community enables the international users to exchange views on all things fashion, trends and patterns and help each other with DIY tips.

    The online shop offers more than 7,000 burda sewing patterns to order or download, sewing tools and the complete burda style magazine portfolio, including special editions.

    Of course, burda style Online is also available on mobile devices, allowing users access anytime, anywhere. We also give burda style fans daily updates via our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube).

    burda style’s online presence offers a variety of advertising forms, and the recent relaunch has added even more options to prominently present advertising:

    • Display Advertising
    • Native Advertising
    • Advertorial
    • Contest
    • Advent calendar
    • Newsletter

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