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    Find your point of contact

    FOCUS-BUSINESS is the protruding supplement on business, career and employers in FOCUS. Four times a year FOCUS-BUSINESS is dedicated to the changes in the business world. On 44 pages, everything revolves around career topics, current developments in the economy, digitization, globalization, as well as the shortage of skilled workers and demographics. The supplement is included with FOCUS in the subscription edition, as in retail sales.

    FOCUS-BUSINESS is the environment for all companies that want to present themselves - as employers, as a reliable partner in the B2B sector, with their successes and goals.

    Advertise with an advertisement, a company portrait or a cooperation in the magazine.

    Main target audience


    53,0 % 30 - 59 years


    66,0 % Men

    Net Income

    47,0 % > 3.000 EUR


    47,0 % A levels, degree/no degree

    ma 2020 II

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 4 times p.a.
    Publication date Saturday (with FOCUS)
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 14,500 EUR1
    Copies sold 251,0492
    Editorial Management Matthias Ohanian
    1 Prices valid from 01.01.2021
    2 IVW I/21



  • FOCUS coverage at a bargain price (1/1 page 14,500 Euro)
  • Attention-grabbing at the POS - the insert protruding beyond the edge of the magazine immediately attracts the reader's attention at the POS
  • B2B target group: Young decision-makers and career-oriented high potentials, as well as people interested in business
  • Target group B2C: Managing directors and decision makers - because all enterprises distinguished in the supplement receive it free house
  • Rankings: In each issue there is a list of the best (top employers, top SMEs, salary report, etc.)
  • The advertising environment for companies in terms of career and employer branding, etc.
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