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    Find your point of contact

    This magazine, which is sold independently in kiosks, is published twice a year and includes reports about many aspects of the e-bike and the modern mobility that this innovation enables. Each issue also includes special themes (such as racing bicycles, the future of mobility, etc.) and covers topics that highlight the connection between e-mobility and other industries, such as the automotive, telecommunications and health sectors.

    Main target audience


    50,0 % 40 - 59 years


    76,0 % Men

    Net Income

    46,0 % > 3,000 EUR

    FOCUS E-BIKE survey 2017

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 2 times p.a.
    Publication date Saturday
    Copy price 6.90 EUR

    Express booking possible

    Purchase your ad just four days prior to initial publication.

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    Why FOCUS E-BIKE Magazine?

  • Independent magazine with a print run of 80,000 issues.
  • Bi-annual publication featuring comprehensive reporting on the topic of e-mobility, featuring 128 + 4 pages.
  • Independent sales (available at kiosks for three months) and sales at the EUROBIKE.
  • High-quality paper, min. 200 g.
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    Advertising in the FOCUS E-BIKE Magazine

    With the FOCUS E-BIKE magazine, you can reach highly-motivated target audiences directly at the POS. The magazine contains engaging reporting, high-quality photography, comprehensive test reports, service offerings, tips and much more, making it a top advertising platform focused on e-mobility, accessories, lifestyle and travel.

    Attractive topics in FOCUS E-BIKE Magazin

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