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    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    The regular newsletter from the FOCUS E-BIKE editorial team informs recipients of current topics, contests and promotional campaigns.

    Key data

    Portalname FOCUS E-BIKE Newsletter
    Newsletter subscribers (editorial) 80,0001
    1 October 2019, publisher's statement

    Why FOCUS E-BIKE newsletter?

  • Eye-catching ad formats in the direct field of vision are available for booking.
  • Many exclusive ad spaces for a high level of viewer awareness.
  • Advertising in the FOCUS E-BIKE newsletter

    Direct communication: Newsletter requests are handled directly by an established team in order to prevent misunderstandings with regard to data delivery, formats and other questions.

    Custom service: Special requests for changes to the newsletter formats will be noted and implemented (within technical limitations).

    Focused on the target audience: Our newsletter can be sent directly to specific target audiences (minimal ad waste).

    Flexible prices: Prices vary according to size/length of image/text.

    Suitable topics and/or platforms

    Special topics, themed specials and other advertising opportunities are provided by the BCN Topic Preview Tool.

    Find topics and/or platforms