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    Find your point of contact

    The four-part FOCUS E-BIKE Special presents a range of e-bike-related topics on circa 40 pages. The first three issues of the series are conceived and designed around individual categories of bicycles (city/trekking/mountain bikes). The fourth issue presents a broad overview of the discussion on e-mobility centred around bicycles and e-bikes. Each issue also includes unique FOCUS e-bike tests, which are one of a kind on the market – both in terms of scope and sophistication.

    Main target audience


    49,0 % 40 - 59 years


    73,0 % Men

    Net Income

    49,6 % > 3,000 EUR


    58,0 % A levels, degree

    ma 2019 II

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 4 times p.a.
    Publication date Saturday (with FOCUS)
    Copy price 4.70 EUR
    Copies sold 251,0491
    1 IVW I/21

    Express booking possible

    Purchase your ad just four days prior to initial publication.

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    Why FOCUS E-BIKE Special?

  • Sales: With 364,254 issues sold (IVW III/19) , the FOCUS E-BIKE Special is an integral part of the main FOCUS publication, which is one of the widest-circulated titles of its kind.
  • Cross-media platform: FOCUS E-BIKE can be experienced on wide range of different platforms. Whether at home in print, mobile from on-the-go, on the website or in the newsletter, readers are presented with all of the valuable information they need.
  • High-quality presentation as a magazine in a magazine with individual introduction.
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    Advertising in the FOCUS E-BIKE Special

    Invest in active e-mobility and take advantage of the influence of news magazine FOCUS and the high quality of its specials to reach 3,63 million contacts (ma 2019 II) with every issue. We offer a 30 percent industry discount for selected campaigns.

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