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    FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT is the professional health magazine for anyone who wants to know more. Each issue explores all sides of a selected topic. Articles, expert interviews and infographics explain the causes, prevention and treatment of a particular disease, and explores future therapeutic options. As an additional service, the magazine provides a list of top practitioners and (rehabilitation) clinics for each condition featured.

    Main target audience


    27,0 % 50 - 59 years


    57,0 % Women

    Net Income

    29,0 % 2,000 - 3,000 EUR


    35,0 % University degree

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 10 times p.a.
    Publication date Tuesday
    Copy price 9.90 EUR
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 14,900 EUR1
    Editorship Jochen Niehaus
    1 Prices valid from 01.01.2021



  • Thanks to its focus on specific themes, FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT provides an attractive platform for precise target audience communication in the health industry, with next to no ad waste.
  • FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT enjoys high credibility among readers. The specialist editorial team works in close collaboration with Germany’s top practitioners, making this publication the perfect match for brands in the fields of health and medicine.
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    Advertising in FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT

    This magazine concentrates on the health-related topics of the news magazine FOCUS, an area in which the magazine enjoys widespread renown, and combines these themes into an independent publication. Each issue focuses on a central topic, such as the back, heart or cancer. Science journalists explore the most common diseases and explain anything that patients may want to know for example information on causes, therapy and prognoses, in clear and engaging language.

    Because FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT is a monothematic publication, there is little chance for ad waste. Anyone purchasing the magazine is interested in information and advice. Readers show a strong willingness to act and an openness to new solutions. FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT’s lists of doctors offer readers a unique service: Each issue contains a list of Germany’s top practitioners in each specialisation. This makes FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT a strong platform for ads targeted at doctors, because all top physicians in the list receive a copy. On average, 13 percent of all kiosk purchasers are medical professionals. FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT does not replace a trip to the doctor, however its expert editorial team provides competent and trustworthy information (98 percent of surveyed readers agree). This positive reader experience reflects on your brand. In addition, FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT influences readers for years. Nearly three quarters of our readers archive their issues and refer back to them on a regular basis.

    FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT – knowledge that helps.

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