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    FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT E-Paper is the digital version of the print magazine. FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT is the professional health magazine for anyone who wants to know more. Each issue explores all sides of a selected topic: Articles, expert interviews and infographics explain the causes, prevention and treatment of a particular disease and explore future therapeutic options. The magazine provides topic-specific lists of top physicians and (rehabilitation) clinics as an additional service.


  • FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT is monothematic. Each issue covers a special field with all its facets: from the cause of a disease, therapy options and prevention, right through to the high-tech therapies of the future.
  • FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT offers attractive ecosystems for the target group-specific communication in healthcare markets. Better yet, there is hardly any wastage as a narrow choice of topics address a well-defined target group.
  • FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT enjoys the highest levels of trust among its readers. The editorial staff closely collaborate with Germany’s top physicians and present scientific information in a simple and understandable way aimed to be comprehensible to the layperson, as well.
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    As an independent publication, the magazine continues the traditionally strong health competence of the FOCUS news magazine.
    Each issue has a focus topic, such as back, heart or cancer. Science journalists explain everything that patients want to know about the most common diseases in an exciting and understandable way, including cause, therapy and prognosis.

    Since FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT is monothematic, advertisers reach their target audience with hardly any wastage. Anyone who buys the magazine has a need for information and advice. The readers are open for possible solutions as the need for action is high.

    The FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT lists of physicians offer a unique service. Germany’s top physicians are listed by subject area in each issue. This makes FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT an interesting advertising medium – including advertisements directed at physicians – because all the TOP physicians mentioned receive the magazine. On average, 13 per cent of kiosk buyers are medical professionals.

    FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT cannot replace a visit to a general practitioner; however, it is just as competent and trustworthy thanks to its specialist editorial staff (98 per cent approval rating in reader surveys). This positive reading experience will extend to your brand.

    FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT is kept and used for many years. Almost three-quarters of our readers archive the magazines, using them as references that are kept for a long time and are consulted time and again.

    FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT – Knowledge that helps!

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