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    FOCUS READY+ Special is the regional magazine for future care. Because: It is never early enough to think about his future life. With the FOCUS READY+ Special, the FOCUS editorial team inspires their readers to prepare for the future regardless of their age. Divided into the areas of "living", "living / building" and "financing", three of the mega-topics of the future of our society are reflected. With feel-good advice for the second half of life, living dreams and tailor-made finance tips for retirement planning that inspire and make fun. Plus: tips and offers from the city and region. Because our readership, which we call generation READY+, decides on the basis of their life situation and life experience for the right offer in their region and is ready to invest for it.

    Main target audience


    71,0 % > 40 years

    Net Income

    58,0 % > 3,000 EUR


    47,0 % A levels, degree (ma)

    Key data

    Publication date Saturday (with FOCUS)
    Copy price 4.50 EUR
    Copies sold 240,000


    Advertising in FOCUS READY+ Special

    FOCUS READY+ offers a pinpoint selection of the topics "living", "living / building" and "financing" and captures readers emotionally with local, regional and cultural stories and offers. These positive environments create trust in our advice and recommendations.

    Suitable topics and/or platforms

    Sonderthemen, Themenspecials und weitere Werbechancen liefert Ihnen der BCN-Umfeldplaner EN

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    Sources: Main target group: ma 2019 II | Best4Planning 2018 III, Index to toal population, target group: FOCUS reader (3.9 m), applies wholeheartedly/rather | sold circulation = print run per region (publisher's statement) | subject to change