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    Find your point of contact

    FOCUS-SPEZIAL is a guide magazine published by the FOCUS brand. Whether your focus is on tax accountants, attorneys, veterinary medicine or real estate, FOCUS-SPEZIAL offers a wide array of monothematic issues geared toward relevant areas for consumers.

    The expert editorial staff illuminate relevant trends and developments for readers from related industries. The top rankings for the industry in question form the core of each issue. These publications offer precise information and highlight the guide-style character of the title.

    Main target audience


    53,0 % 30 - 59 years


    66,0 % Men

    Net Income

    57,0 % > 3,000 EUR


    47,0 % A levels, degree/no degree

    ma 2020 II

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 3 times p.a.
    Publication date Saturday (with FOCUS)
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 14,500 EUR1
    Copies sold 251,0492
    1 Prices valid from 01.01.2021
    2 IVW I/21



  • Highly-involved target audience: The FOCUS-SPEZIAL issues, which are geared toward specific themes and target audiences, present advertisers with a precise, predictable platform without ad waste.
  • Competent and credible: FOCUS editors and renowned guest authors provide readers with comprehensive expert knowledge. The perfect platform for effective advertisement.
  • The credible guide: Many neutral reports, such as the best-of lists for the topic in question, which are compiled in collaboration with competent partners according to independent criteria.
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    FOCUS-SPEZIAL provides readers with information on a particular topic and answers reader questions. The best-of lists serve as a concrete guide for interested readers. Purchasers have a specific desire for action and information. Your ads will be seen by a target audience focused on a specific topic and open to any information related to the theme in question. Thanks to the monothematic focus of the magazine, there is little in the way of ad waste. The publication addresses your target audience directly and boasts a high market relevance. Advertisers benefit from placing their ads in an ideal environment focused on a single issue.

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    Special topics, themed specials and other advertising opportunities are provided by the BCN Topic Preview Tool.

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