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    Find your point of contact


    Sarah Pross

    Brand Manager

    Sarah Pross

    Brand Manager

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    Readers of the FREIZEIT REVUE newsletter receive the latest news from the entertainment world by editor-in-chief Kai Winckler every week. We also contain puzzles and competitions with our competition newsletter, with prize draws every week, to appeal to the enjoyment our readers have in completing these.

    Why choose the FREIZEIT REVUE newsletter?

  • Directly address the highly relevant target audience of readers aged 50 and older
  • Communications shored up by the expertise of the FREIZEIT REVUE editorial staff
  • Wide reach: 42,000 subscribers
  • Advertising in the FREIZEIT REVUE newsletter

    FREIZEIT REVUE is the ideal partner for crossmedia activities targeting readers aged 50 and older. Our newsletter offers you the possibility of leveraging the strength of the FREIZEIT REVUE brand for your advertising activities at an attractive rate.

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