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    14 times the fun: FREIZEIT REVUE has been a stalwart in the area of high-quality and demanding puzzles for decades. This expertise has been bundled in a special team of puzzle masters that regularly develops 14 different special puzzle editions and numerous other special publications for the FREIZEIT REVUE brand family.

    Key data

    Base price (1/1 4c page) 3,040 EUR1
    Editorship Andrea Kind
    1 Prices valid from 01.01.2021

    Why choose FREIZEIT REVUE Rätselmagazine?

  • Undivided attention in the journalism environment
  • Communication with wide-awake readers
  • Above-average usage intensity of the puzzle magazines
  • Audience addressed appropriately to the situation
  • 14 oversize puzzle magazines with an annual circulation of 7.7 million (courtesy of publisher)
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • FREIZEIT REVUE, a well-known source for high quality puzzles

    There are 14 puzzle magazines published under the strong and longstanding brand of FREIZEIT REVUE:

    • Special Rätsel - The market leader containing a wide variety of challenging and informative puzzles that leaves no stone unturned. Published 13 times a year.
    • Rätsel Kaiser - Quiz games and chances to win big prizes like € 500 in cash and other giveaways. Published 12 times a year.
    • Profi Rätsel - Challenging even for the puzzle experts: 44 pages for puzzle masters of all kinds. A rollercoaster of fun from first page to the last with logic games, puzzles, sudoku, crossword puzzles, as well as the special ‘Die 500-Euro-Trickkiste’. Published 13 times a year.
    • Senator Rätsel - An impressive array of exciting, educative and tricky puzzles on 52 pages. Cash prizes totalling € 1,000. Published 12 times a year.
    • Meine kleine Freizeit - Superior puzzling fun on 52 pages. Published six times a year.
    • Rätsel Hitparade - Classic favourites of puzzling fans on 44 pages with chances to win € 500 in cash. Published six times a year.
    • Rätsel Welt - Clever puzzles for clever minds with the most popular puzzles, including ‘Stadt, Land, Fluss’ where participants can win an additional € 1,000. Published six times a year.
    • Rätsel Woche - The best collection of crossword puzzles on approximately 52 pages. Published four times a year.
    • Die Trickkiste - 44 pages packed with the best puzzles (‘Trickkiste,’ ‘Die Zwei,’ ‘Doppeldecker,’ ‘Sudoku’). Published four times a year.
    • Mein Lieblingsrätsel - A collection of favourite puzzles and games on 84 pages. Published four times a year.
    • Mein Rätsel - The No. 1 collection of trivia and quiz games for spring, summer, autumn and winter: More than 90 puzzles and games on 84 pages, entertaining for all levels of puzzle masters. Published four times a year.
    • Sudoku - The magazine for readers who are number aficionados. 84 sudokus with the FREIZEIT REVUE seal of approval. Four levels of difficulty: easy to very challenging in a convenient pocket-size format. Clear layout and design printed on sturdy paper. Including instructions and solutions to all puzzles. Published six times a year.
    • Urlaubsrätsel - the essential travel companion for the holidays. Published twice a year.
    • 100 Kreuzworträtsel - On 84 pages you will find various variations of the rate classic, as usual embedded in entertaining topics.

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