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    Tobias Albrecht

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    Arabellastrasse 27


    The freundin editions feature consolidated freundin DNA on only ONE topic – a special edition with every issue.

    Main target audience

    The readers of freundin is an average of 45.7 years old and therefore the youngest title in the competitive environment. In terms of education, employment and net household income, freundin is well above the average for the population: - 72.1 % of female readers have attended secondary or higher education with / without studies (vs. 62.4 % women overall). - 75.1 % of the freundin readers are employed (vs. 63.1 % women overall) and 57.9 % have a HHNE of EUR 3,000 and more (vs. 44.5 % overall women). - With EUR 3,539 HHNE, the freundin readers are available of an fairly large amount of money.

    Key data

    Frequency of publication fortnightly
    Publication date Wednesday
    Copy price 3.00 EUR
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 28,200 EUR
    Editorship Anke Helle, Mateja Mögel

    Why freundin edition?

  • Top reach: the freundin edition is included with EVERY issue of freundin as a supplementary magazine.
  • Attractive platform: high-quality journalistic content over 20 – 36 pages.
  • Eye-catching XXL format for XXL advertising effect.
  • The topics range from hairstyles, make-up school, sustainability, slimming with noodles, knitting, balcony & garden, well-being, cookies,autumn detox and hair bible, but also jeans and gifts (DIY).
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    Benefit from

    • an attractive target audience
    • high customer value
    • a long usage duration and
    • a much-collected item
    • a more affordable price per page compared with the main edition of freundin

    Suitable topics and/or platforms

    Sonderthemen, Themenspecials und weitere Werbechancen liefert Ihnen der BCN-Umfeldplaner EN

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    Sources: ma 2019 II | prices valid from 01.01.2020 | subject to alterations