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    Find your point of contact

    The decisions we have to make as consumers constantly grows more and more complex: From A for accident insurance to Z for zinc deficiency, from understanding an insurance policy to choosing a doctor. Confused consumers search for advice and direction. They often look for good, independent advice before making decisions. The qualified editorial staff at Guter Rat organise the multitude of information, prioritise and evaluate it and then offer credible, comprehensible advice its readers can use – hence the name, which is German for ‘good advice’. And it comes in a depth that’s sufficient for most consumers.

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    Frequency of publication 4 times p.a.


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    Purchase your ad just four days prior to initial publication.

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    Why choose Guter Rat SPEZIAL?

  • Guter Rat SPEZIAL provides direction and clear recommendations for major decisions in the private household.
  • More than one million consumers rely on the expertise of Guter Rat every month.
  • The independent advice of Guter Rat assists consumers in making decisions regarding their purchase decision.
  • Advertising in Guter Rat SPEZIAL

    The special editions of Guter Rat are aimed at readers searching for answers to consumer questions for household products. The focus of the topics varies.

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