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    HOW TO BE A MAN – the Playboy Gentlemen’s Guide is the guide for men.

    The Playboy Special Edition is exclusive, full of information and covers a wide range of subjects. It simply has it all – without ‘baring’ it all.

    HOW TO BE A MAN is intelligent, high-class and truly unique. And if that weren’t enough, the Special Edition was named ‘Newcomer of the Year’, a special prize presented at the 2019 European Publishing Awards.

    The Playboy Gentlemen’s Guide explains why there is more to being a good dresser than simply following the latest trends in fashion. HOW TO BE A MAN – everything that a modern man should know, master, have and do.

    HOW TO BE A MAN is sent to all Playboy subscribers, guaranteeing a circulation of 60,000 copies sold.

    Key data

    Frequency of publication once p.a.
    Copy price 8.90 EUR
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 15,500 EUR1
    Print Run 90,0002
    1 Prices valid from 01.01.2021
    2 Publisher's statement

    Why HOW TO BE A MAN?

  • HOW TO BE A MAN’ is full of fascinating, eye-catching articles on fashion and luxury, automotive and technology, culture, travel, and food and beverages – it’s the perfect platform to showcase exclusive products!
  • ‘HOW TO BE A MAN’ gains the trust of customers as the ‘guide for modern men’ and helps boost your profile by providing readers with recommendations.
  • Featuring a modern layout and printed on top-quality paper, the relaunch of the successful special issue under a new name will help reach new target groups, stir up interest and raise its profile.

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