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    Find your point of contact

    #GRLPWR! mädchen.de is the voice of a new generation and stands for increased self-confidence of young women.

    mädchen.de is like the big sister: funny, loud, open, but also honest, caring and very curious to explore the wide, colorful world – using all social networks.

    The core audience are young women between 14 and 29, who live in very affluent households. They are present on all channels and actively engage with the topics covered throughout mädchen.de.

    Next to the first or second big love in life, mädchen.de covers beauty- and fashion-trends as well as catchy lifestyle-topics. Always close to the latest role models and influencers of tomorrow, who stand for consumption awareness and a more sustainable word.

    Main target audience


    42,0 % 16-29 years


    67,0 % Women

    Net Income

    68,0 % > 2.000 EUR

    AGOF ddf 16+ Q4/20

    Key data

    Portalname MAEDCHEN.de
    Unique Users 256,7001
    Visits 615,1002
    Facebook Fans 130,7003
    Instagram 20,1003
    Pinterest 10,3003
    1 AGOF ddf 16+ Q4/20
    2 IVW Q4/20
    3 February 2021, publisher's statement

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