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    Gardening in harmony with nature

    Mein schöner Landgarten is aimed at nature lovers and garden owners who love the beauty of rural gardens.

    The magazine offers interesting portraits about natural, organic gardening and shows many practical tips on how to grow the lush floral beauty of the countryside sustainably in your own garden. Furthermore, it features numerous creative ideas that involve the use of natural materials, seasonal recipes and interesting facts about flora and fauna.

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 6 times p.a.
    Publication date Wednesday
    Copy price 4.80 EUR
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 8,900 EUR
    Editorship Marie-Luise Schebesta


    Why choose Mein schöner Landgarten?

  • Mein schöner Landgarten is the only gardening magazine in the land segment, which regularly focuses on ecological gardening.
  • In addition to gardening tips and portraits Mein schöner Landgarten also shows nature and animals, creative ideas with natural materials and seasonal recipes.
  • Mein schöner Landgarten's readership has a high-income and is interested in various topics. They appreciate the natural and like to take a timeout in nature.
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    Advertising in Mein schöner Landgarten

    Mein schöner Landgarten is a gardening magazine that covers natural and sustainable gardening with topics such as plants, garden maintenance, harvesting, recipes, creative ideas, nature and animals, the countryside and people.

    Mein schöner Landgarten is a source of inspiration and a helpful gardening guide. Readers can treat themselves to a break in their own garden.

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