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    The website mein-schoenes-land.de makes the natural environment of Mein schönes Land come digital alive. The new platform includes all editorial topics of the established magazine and therefore becomes the daily accompanying medium for our users. With its valuable and service-oriented topics mein-schoenes-land.de extends and complements the range of Mein schönes Land. By launching mein-schoenes-land.de Mein schönes Land becomes the first and so far the only cross-media brand in the land segment. mein-schoenes-land.de reaches household-leading women in their mid 40s with an average household net income of 3,500 EUR.

    Key data

    Portalname mein-schoenes-land.de
    Unique Users 40,000
    Visits 50,000
    Facebook Fans 58,421
    Pinterest 54,605

    Why mein-schoenes-land.de?

  • A first mover: It’s the only major content platform in the land segment with extended cross-media offerings.
  • Large variety of topics: It’s a comprehensive content platform with information on all relevant topics for target audience with propensity to consume, including gardening, decoration and creativity, food, health and travel
  • High user value: Simple step-by-step instructions for many decorative and creative ideas, recipes and natural remedies.
  • Old knowledge & new impulses: many delicious recipes with regional ingredients just like Grandmother traditionally used to make them but also completely reinterpreted recipes
  • mein schönes Land Online
  • Online advertising on mein-schoenes-land.de

    mein-schoenes-land.de is the digital platform for those who maintain a natural, sustainable lifestyle and treat themselves to conscious breaks from everyday life. mein-schoenes-land.de provides a variety of suggestions, tips for everyday as well as useful information about gardening, health, indulgence and travel due to its variety of topics. At the same time, the opulent visual language invites users to sit back, relax and dream. mein-schoenes-land.de reaches reaches household-leading women in their mid-40s who live with their partner in their own home with a large garden. Values such as home and family are important to her. She is interested in new ideas and actively seeks new inspiration.

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    Sources: Google Analytics, Social Media Channels: January 2019