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    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    The editor-in-chief of SUPERillu provides subscribers of the newsletter with a weekly overview of the topics that will be discussed in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

    Key data

    Portalname SUPERillu Newsletter
    Newsletter subscribers (stand alone) 15,0001
    1 July 2020, publisher's statement

    Why choose SUPERillu Newsletter?

  • Editor-in-chief Stefan Kobus offers a regular newsletter for interested subscribers
  • Newsletter sent one day before the magazine’s publication date
  • Attractive advertising options and cooperations
  • SUPERillu Newsletter
  • Advertising in the SUPERillu newsletter

    • SUPERillu Online provides various channels for its users in the eastern part of Germany.
    • SUPERillu Online offers its users the channels ‘Country’, ‘Life’, ‘People’ and ‘Love’, as well as inspiration, leisure activities, stories about their home region and exclusive interviews.
    • SUPERillu Online is a strong online brand and provides a modern design and has been optimised for mobile use.

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