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    Wohnen & Garten Weihnachtszauber shines a spotlight on all topics related to the Christmas holiday season.

    Key data

    Frequency of publication once p.a.
    Copy price 4.95 EUR
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 7,000 EUR
    Copies sold 140,000
    Editorship Andrea Kögel


    Why choose Wohnen & Garten Weihnachtszauber?

  • Wohnen & Garten Weihnachtszauber embodies the Christmas spirit, right at the biggest shopping season of the year.
  • You can highlight suitable brands/products in a holiday setting.
  • Print circulation: 140.000 (publisher information)
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    Wohnen & Garten Weihnachtszauber is a magazine that offers the perfect setting for your Christmas holiday season products.

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    Sources: Sold Circulation =Print run (Publisher's statement | prices valid from 01.01.2020 | subject to change