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    Burda study analyses media and purchasing behaviour during the Corona crisis

    What do Burda readers do when the Corona crisis forces them to work at home and leisure activities are severely limited by restrictions on outdoor activities? In addition to tidying, cleaning up and walking, reading, watching television and searching online are currently among the top five occupations.

    Samsung acquires a taste with Burda and ‘The Taste’

    Cooking is more than just a passion – a new multi-channel campaign for Samsung proves this. This campaign sees the ‘Dual Cook Flex’ oven and the ‘RS 8000’ refrigerator become ideal kitchen assis-tants for conjuring up a healthy and enjoyable menu for the whole family.

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    Henkel’s ‘Nature Box’: How print advertising strengthens beauty brands

    Print advertising strengthens brands – as proven by a current BCN campaign for Henkel accompanied by Burda’s market research unit Media Market Insights (MMI). The effect of an advertisement was examined in the course of the campaign for Henkel’s new ‘Nature Box’ beauty series.

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    ADAC Motorwelt – ‘Let’s roll’ with the second edition

    The second edition of ADAC Motorwelt is here! One could say the issue titled ‘Let’s roll’ (‘Jetzt geht’s rund’) is the magazine’s ‘COVID-19 edition’.

    The eatbetter content platform helps people navigate the complicated world of nutrition and a balanced diet

    Being healthy can be both easy and delicious! The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in people paying even more attention to what’s on their plate – and whether it’s healthy. That’s why Burda, together with its partner EDEKA, has launched the ‘eatbetter’ initiative.

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    BCN is now turning to Integral Ad Science (IAS) for web optimisation

    BCN is now working together with Integral Ad Science (IAS), the world’s largest technology provider for ad verification. The established IAS publisher solutions are used to verify and optimise digital advertising.

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    COVID-19 crisis – How are Germans responding and what are their thoughts looking into the future?

    Germany’s social distancing and stay-at-home measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 have dramatically altered the way people go about their daily routines. In its b4p trends study, the Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (GIK), or the company for integrated communication research, explores some critical questions.

    Corona crisis: Rising subscription numbers and continued positive growth of magazine sales

    Hubert Burda Media has so far defied the crisis with the stable sales development of its Burda weeklies as well as its fortnightly TV guide magazines.

    Digital media use has risen significantly since March

    According to AGOF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung: German Association of Online Research), the top ten digital marketers, including BCN, recorded a 16 per cent overall increase in reach for March.

    Rising sales and guaranteed booklet production during the Corona crisis

    Covid-19 is now defining many aspects of our current social lives and the way we work and operate our businesses. In particular, at times like these, people also have an increased need for information, relaxation and diversion.

    The new ADAC Motorwelt: BCN is leading the way as a general contractor

    As of 5 March 2020, and with a print run of five million, ADAC Motorwelt can be found in over 9,100 EDEKA and Netto supermarkets across Germany.

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    Countdown for ADAC Motorwelt

    The fully revamped club magazine will be in the hands of consumers starting on 5 March. Until then, preparations are proceeding at full speed.

    Five forecasts for the advertising year 2020

    2019 saw the further transformation of the advertising market. From influencer marketing, to programmatic advertising, right through to digital out-of-home advertising – possibilities for advertisers have been consistently growing over the years. More and more channels for customer acquisition are opening up to companies, making the decision for the right media mix and suitable marketing strategy anything but simple

    BCN backs Burda campaign to promote journalism

    Today, Hubert Burda Media is launching the ‘Print macht stark’ (The power of print) campaign designed to highlight the prominent role print journalism in its many forms plays at our company. The campaign represents a social commitment to journalism with its roots in print.

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    Pharmacy Future Pact: Presentation at Expopharm 2019

    The pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ set up by Noweda and Burda recently made a splash at Europe’s largest pharmaceutical trade fair, Expopharm 2019, held in Düsseldorf, Germany. This strong alliance for bricks-and-mortar pharmacies in Germany was established just six months ago with the launch of the Ihreapotheken.de order platform and ‘my life’, a modern pharmacy customer magazine.

    Retail Report 2019: It’s all in the media mix

    Retailers are facing a rapid change. Shopping sprees and spontaneous purchases are declining, while the number of purchases made online continues to increase. The practice of getting advice in retail stores and then buying a product cheaper online – known as advice theft – is flourishing. The Retail Report 2019 by the Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (GIK), or the company for integrated communication research, outlines current retail trends and illustrates how retailers can deal with the challenges posed by digitalisation effectively using targeted communication measures.

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    BCN Beachparties: networking in the sand

    As a marketer, how do you create a networking opportunity for experienced media consultants and the most important agency partners’ young, net-savvy minds that nobody will want to miss? With inventively presented multimedia knowledge, a host of opportunities to discuss the latest topics and a whole heap of sand – at the BCN beach party held at agency sites around Germany.

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    Strong partners in digital marketing: BCN cooperates with styria digital one

    BCN is counting on a marketing partnership in Austria and thus strengthening its international sales network in the online sector, as styria digital one (sd one) is exclusively taking on remarketing of Austrian traffic for Burda’s digital media.

    New and improved ADAC Motorwelt presented for the first time

    ADAC presented its new and improved membership magazine – ADAC Motorwelt – for the first time at the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. In the future, ADAC Motorwelt will offer information, inspiration and services across 100 pages – in a tangibly high-quality look and feel, in a large format and with an incredibly diverse range of content.