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    BCN and BurdaForward Advertising set to pool marketing from 2020

    BCN will hand over management of digital marketing to agencies and technical control of the entire digital business to BurdaForward Advertising under the direction of BurdaForward CMO Martin Lütgenau. The programmatic advertising business will also be bundled. In turn, BCN under the direction of BCN CEO Michael Samak will take on consultation services for customers in the areas of print, digital and cross-media for the entire Burda portfolio, as well as clients, as part of this marketing arrangement. In close collaboration with BCN, a team of specialists at BurdaForward Advertising will continue to advise customers for digital BurdaForward brands such as FOCUS Online and CHIP.


    By 1 January 2020 Netdoktor.de – after its full acquisition from the publishing group Holtzbrinck – and Mein-schoener-garten.de will be managed within the framework of this new marketing arrangement. The entire Burda portfolio as well as external clients will be marketed in the new constellation from 1 March.


    “With the cross-media consulting expertise of BCN and the digital and tech knowledge of BurdaForward Advertising, we hope to combine our strengths and will become an unbeatable full-service provider. We’re delighted that our partners will be able to enjoy the full range of benefits offered by our new marketing arrangement from as early as March.”

    Burkhard Graßmann and Martin Lütgenau

    Burkhard Graßmann, CEO at BCN, and Martin Lütgenau, CMO at BurdaForward

    By forming this close alliance, BCN and BurdaForward Advertising will fulfil the wishes of its customers, agencies and clients in terms of all-encompassing support as well as individual content solutions. Digital and print brands with a wide reach such as FOCUS, BUNTE, InStyle and CHIP, and digital special interest portals like Finanzen100 and Netdoktor, the leading health portal, will form part of the new joint marketing portfolio. Marketing clients for Holidaycheck and Jameda will complete the offer. Key areas of this new marketing arrangement will include consumer-centric solutions throughout the entire brand portfolio and the further development of native formats and programmatic advertising.