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    BCN and prisma have entered into a cooperation

    Burda’s multi-channel marketer BCN and publishing company prisma, which publishes the TV guide of the same name in daily newspapers have entered into a cooperation: BCN will now market prisma’s media campaigns to select print customers. The goal is to make advertising customers excited about issues of prisma issues starting in 2021, something that has not happened yet.

    With a total of 6.5 million copies in circulation and five regional issues, prisma is not only the number one TV supplement, but also the leading supplement across all German daily newspapers. prisma has more than 100 carrier titles from Flensburg to Passau and is available in Germany’s metropolitan areas, including Hamburg and Berlin, for example, as well as all of western Germany.

    “As the market leader in quality and across Germany, prisma perfectly complements BCN’s offerings and our strong Burda portfolio. We are excited to continue to position ourselves as a full-service provider with this cooperation and also to be able to reach prisma readers.”

    Burkhard Graßmann

    spokesperson for BCN Management

    “BCN’s attractive portfolio will help us to widen our reach even further and heighten our magazine’s unique appeal in the advertising market in the future. BCN’s network opens up new, select customer relationships – including a top-quality offer.”

    Christina Esser

    prisma Managing Director

    According to Nielsen advertising statistics, prima is currently the undisputed number one in gross advertising spending and increased sales by approximately 39 per cent in 2019. “Together with the marketing team centred around Sven Rutz, we see new, clear opportunities in this cooperation to continue to grow our national marketing identity”, explains Christina Esser.



    About prisma

    prisma, the weekly TV supplement is printed at the prisma publishing house in Dusseldorf and currently boasts 7.07 million readers (ma 2020 Pressemedien II) and 6.5 million (IVW III/2020) copies sold (carrier titles). It appears in the local editions of prisma Rheinland, prisma Westfalen, prisma Ost, prisma Nord and prisma Süd. prisma is your newspaper’s TV guide – in print and with many more digital offerings. www.prisma.de