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    For Our Planet: BurdaVerlag launches sustainability initiative

    BurdaVerlag is launching a journalistic initiative this week called ‘For Our Planet’, with the aim of raising awareness of global climate change as the biggest challenge of our time.

    “Everywhere in the world, the fight against the coronavirus has pushed climate change further down on the current political agenda, but the threat to our planet due to global warming is increasing every day. Our mission as journalists is to embrace the con-cerns of the people who use our media. This is why we want to be a journalistic plat-form for discussions based on well-researched content about the ecological, social and political consequences of climate change.”

    Philipp Welte

    Responsible for BurdaVerlag on the Burda Management Board

    The publisher’s sustainability initiative consists of two elements: a journalistic offensive supported by a cross-media campaign in all of the publisher’s media, and a new sustainability brand that bears the name of the offensive: For Our Planet.

    More journalism-based reports

    The media of BurdaVerlag use their respective core strengths to expand on the topic of sustainability:


    “The readers of our magazine are concerned about the state in which we are leaving the earth to the next generation. They expect content from us that covers a wide range of topics on how we can improve things. All our media will feature thematic are-as that will inspire people and provide them with expert knowledge, services, articles – and also with entertaining journalistic elements that help them stay informed.”

    Robert Pölzer

    Editor-in-chief of BUNTE and spokesperson for the executive editorial board at Bur-daVerlag

    Attention-grabbing campaign

    The For Our Planet campaign, which will be featured across all media of BurdaVerlag in 2021, was developed by b.famous content studios. It shows impressive landscapes and animals in an ecological habitat that has already vanished, as the natural areas and animal species in it are under threat or already extinct.


    New products for sustainability

    Sustainability and transformation experts Sweelin Heuss and Stefanie Waehlert were commissioned to develop new media products for the journalistic offensive. Heuss comes from Greenpeace Germany, where she was a board member responsible for all of the organisation’s media. Waehlert contributes his many years of experience in the implementation of development and transformation projects. Together they lead the new business unit and are part of BurdaVerlag’s Business Innovation division, headed by Burkhard Grassmann. Special journalistic publications (‘Klimagazine’) and a sustainability conference are two of the initial offerings to emerge from the new unit.

    >> Click here for Klimagazin.

    >> Click here for the Munich Transition for Tomorrow Summit.

    More information is available at www.forourplanet.com/initiative.