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    BCN Beachparties: networking in the sand

    As a marketer, how do you create a networking opportunity for experienced media consultants and the most important agency partners’ young, net-savvy minds that nobody will want to miss? With inventively presented multimedia knowledge, a host of opportunities to discuss the latest topics and a whole heap of sand – at the BCN beach party held at agency sites around Germany.


    Networking on equal footing

    In September, agency guests were invited to a series of events held at three sites across Germany to get a first-hand look at BCN’s multimedia marketing expertise – all in a relaxed beach atmosphere. These evenings saw BCN become the ‘Beach Club Network’.

    A total of more than 200 agency partners and BCN employees attended the events at StrandPauli in Hamburg, Blauen Wasser in Frankfurt and Praterstrand in Munich, where they found out all about BCN s innovative diversity. Thirsty attendees could order a cocktail at the bar, the recipe for which they were then able to take home with them in the form of an ad special. This form of special advertisement makes brands relatable and tangible, has been proven to have a greater impact on customers than standard ads and demonstrates what BCN can offer its agency partners. Ad specials are used as highlights for campaigns in order to actively support a product launch or the feel of an advertising message, for example.


    “This event series not only enables us to continue to expand and strengthen our network with our agency partners, but it also gives us the opportunity to demonstrate what BCN stands for. We are a multi-channel marketer that can develop strong concepts for all communication channels and we have made this message clearer to our partners with everything they have experienced at these events. The response was incredibly positive.”

    Bernd Picker

    Director Media Sales BCN

    On top of the ad specials, there was also a greenscreen with a photo mirror that guests could use to take photos of themselves in front of a beach background. The photobooth was operated via touchscreen and allowed happy snappers to post their pics directly on their own personal social networks.


    “This evening is especially important because you can connect with contacts on a personal level, meaning you can then work together in a more productive way in future. I’ve been working with BCN for 16 years consulting a customer that takes out almost exclusively sample advertisements in print. BCN’s wide range of print titles makes it the perfect partner for them.”

    Silvia Stelzer

    Mediaplus Media 2

    “BCN’s portfolio, especially the brands that address female target audiences, are incredibly important for our digital media planning, and we’re pleased that BCN now has its own digital unit as well. This event is perfect for discussing issues with one another and networking with other partner agencies.”

    Katrin Kalchschmid

    Plan.Net Media

    Study results with a wink

    The roll-up banners displaying various facts about the impact of print and digital advertising were particularly important for the agency partners and their customers. That is to say, it is crucial for both sides to be able to measure the success of an advertisement. The headlines were put together from representative studies and were adapted to fit the evening with a little wink: “We’ll make you more talkative than two bottles of prosecco will – and we’ll make sure you still look good in the process” – this was an example of a formulation that points out the fact that native advertising encourages more people to talk about a brand than a traditional advertisement.   


    Photos: Martin Leissl