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    The more precise the data, the better the media planning.

    Zwischen Fernweh und Vernunft – die Reisepläne der Deutschen

    Auch wenn sich die Reiseplanungen unter aktuellen Pandemiebedingungen schwierig gestalten: Wie sehen die Urlaubspläne der Deutschen für 2021 und 2022 aus? Und was haben sie im Urlaub vor, wenn sie nicht reisen können? Die neueste best for planning trends-Befragung hat sich mit dem Sehnsuchtsthema Reisen auseinandergesetzt.

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    Sustainability report: conscientious consumption requires brands to reinvent themselves

    The latest Sustainability Report (an analysis of the results of b4p and b4t) examines how this change of consciousness can be successfully translated into the marketing strategy of companies: Concretely: What the society's changed awareness of brand positioning, multiplier target groups and advertising material creation means.

    New coronavirus study: The virus has had a lasting impact on our media and leisure behaviour. And not to forget, the impact of the pandemic on Christmas

    Almost a year in crisis mode. In retrospect, we have taken this as an opportunity to ask the question again: What influence does the Corona pandemic have on our media and leisure behaviour? We were also interested in: How will the Christmas season be under pandemic sedation this year?

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    Our men's magazines showcase the entire spectrum of modern masculinity

    Germany is currently home to 34.8 million men. But how are men faring in the year 2020, and what role do they play as a target audience for marketing? The new Men’s Report from Burda’s Media Market Insights research department reveals a diverse and thought-provoking portrait of the transformation in contemporary concepts of masculinity.


    The latest analysis from best for planning has revealed that the topic of health has become more important for people over the past few years. The ongoing situation with the coronavirus is also increasing the importance of the health industry, but that’s not the only driving force behind it.

    The new best4 Brands Report on brand power is here!

    So, what do brands need to achieve today in order to remain relevant and connected to customers and guarantee customer loyalty? The latest best4 Brands Brand Power Report (in German) from the Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (Society for Integrated Communication Research, GIK) provides answers.