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    The more precise the data, the better the media planning.

    The new best4 Brands Report on brand power is here!

    So, what do brands need to achieve today in order to remain relevant and connected to customers and guarantee customer loyalty? The latest best4 Brands Brand Power Report (in German) from the Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (Society for Integrated Communication Research, GIK) provides answers.

    More insights for strong brand communication

    The new best4planning market media study is here! With its latest publication for 2020, the Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (Society for Integrated Communication Research, GIK) is releasing its ‘best for planning (b4p)’ study for the eighth time. This time, the study pools insights on mobility, cashless payments, sustainability and nutritional styles.

    Burda study analyses media and purchasing behaviour during the Corona crisis

    What do Burda readers do when the Corona crisis forces them to work at home and leisure activities are severely limited by restrictions on outdoor activities? In addition to tidying, cleaning up and walking, reading, watching television and searching online are currently among the top five occupations.

    B4P trends
    Best for planning trends

    To complement ‘best for planning’, the GIK releases ‘best for planning trends’ every two months, which contains important information about the latest trends in media use, new products and consumer behaviour. This enables faster identification of the latest developments and allows capabilities to be more quickly realised and utilised. The data is collected via an online questionnaire six to ten times per year. Many of the results appear in the b4p main study.


    Best for Tracking (b4t)
    Best for tracking (B4T)

    best for tracking combines two approaches – creative tracking and brand tracking – to produce an informative study. This study enables you to analyse the effectiveness of the campaign itself and quantify the contribution of a range of media platforms to your campaign’s success.

    Best for planning (B4P)

    As the first market media study, best for planning makes it possible to plan ahead for media convergence. Since 2013, b4p has been providing comprehensive analysis of media usage and consumer behaviour. It also serves as a valuable source of data for all brand managers. The study consolidates all important performance data and key indicators, thereby helping to improve the efficiency of media investments.