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    Whether it’s in letterboxes, at newsstands, on smartphones or in real life, PLAYBOY now uses a variety of different methods to get in touch with consumers. This men’s magazine is making the most of the opportunities offered by digital and live entertainment platforms for the purposes of reaching out to users, and is thereby creating new, attractive cooperation possibilities for industry partners. In order to be able to cater to them more comprehensively in future, BCN (Burda Community Network) is taking on marketing for its digital platform, Playboy.de. This means that print and digital marketing will be taken care of by one single provider.

    Success across the print, digital and live platforms

    PLAYBOY has been long-established as a 360 degrees brand: Starting with the print magazine, which continues to form the core of the brand, it has since grown into a brand family that draws in readers online and in real life as much as it does in print. Playboy.de receives about 1.9 million visits per month (IVW 1/2019) and also provides users with exclusive digital content, such as videos with interviews between editors and actors like Christian Ulmen and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. With PLAYBOY Premium, the magazine has also established a digital paid content offer for exclusive content, which saw double-digit revenue growth in 2018 and is set to further expand in the future. PLAYBOY has a strong presence on social networks, with just about 2.3 million fans on Facebook and almost 150,000 followers on Instagram.

    The basis for digital content sometimes comes from print content, and vice versa: This includes, for example, ‘Special Editions’, which are monthly e-paper special issues on alternating topics. The most recent one featured content on the German version of ‘I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!’ Both print and digital issues can be ordered online. A new store will offer even more opportunities in the form of discounts and bundles in the future.

    Multichannel marketing via BCN

    But how does this play out in real life? Well, the PLAYBOY brand has once more become a truly tangible experience. A dozen events have already been planned for this year alone – from the Kitzbühel Afterrace Party, to the Playmate of the Year Party, right through to several editions of the Gentlemen’s Weekend with editor-in-chief Florian Boitin. These ‘men’s weekends’ in which up to twelve readers take part are regularly booked out. They also offer industry partners innovative integration opportunities in an attractive media environment with direct contact to consumers. These options will be fully tapped into in the future with an all-encompassing marketing concept by BCN.

    “Our purely digital Special Editions allow us to test out topics on the market in a quick, simple and cost-effective way. We have managed to bring a few successful digital issues to the newsstands later on as print issues.”

    Florian Boitin

    Editor-in-chief Playboy

    “Considering the diversity of the formats that the PLAYBOY brand uses to present itself, it’s only logical that BCN has taken on the marketing of Playboy.de alongside the marketing of the print magazine. PLAYBOY and BCN have been working in close collaboration on ad marketing for many years and developed a trusting relationship to great success. Our goal is to build on this partnership, and to take even greater advantage of its major marketing potential in the future across all channels.”

    Florian Biechele

    Director of Media Marketing at BurdaNews