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    3D Ad

    The mobile 3D ad creates a perfect product presentation. A high attentiveness will be achieved with the match of product image and the vertical scrolling interaction of the user. A 3D model will be rendered in ca. 25-30 camera positions so that the sequence suggests a special experience.

    File size creatives: max. 250-400 KB

    File format: 300x600 or 300x250


    • Art work and visuals in production quality
    • 3D model of the product

    Technology: HTML sprites

    BCN - technical specifications


    3D modelling delivery:

    • Polycount ca. 5.000 - 10.000 Polygone (optimized on surface, not visible parts will be removed)
    • File formats: OBJ, FBX, DAE
    • Textures: unwrapped UV-textures (channels: Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Roughness)
    •  Animations: baked animations in FBX format
    • Reference pictures: for optimization are reference pictures of different perspectives and details needed and beneficial

    Please make sure to deliver all information and creatives needed, 5 days prior to start of the campaign. Please send the following information to this e-mail address: bcn.campaigning(at)burda.com

    • Advertiser name
    • Campaign name
    • Booking period
    • Booked pages or placement
    • Ad formats
    • Contact person

    Please send 3rd party redirects in a separate file as an attachment. All ad material provided has to be SSL-encrypted. Third-party tracking and view time measurements are allowed but must be SSL-encrypted. We allow tracking pixel and click counters but no JS pixel.



    • Please provide HTML5 formats as redirects and send us additional fall-backs as images (JPEG, GIF or PNG)
    • All formats have to be SSL-encrypted
    • We do not support expandable ad formats
    • Auto play is not accepted in any case. There has to be a user interaction for example a mouse-over click to play the sound off the video.
    • BCN uses a frequency capping for every campaign.