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    Sticky Footer Ad

    The Sticky Footer Ad is a mobile layer that appears at the bottom of the screen and is in the immediately visible area. The close button is located at the top right of the ad so that the format can be hidden. Its prominent placement is suitable for 100% SOV events and awareness campaigns.

    Max. file size: 300 KB per image

    File format: min. 800x250px for desktop - 320x150px for mobile

    BCN - technical specifications


    Please make sure to deliver all information and creatives needed, 5 days prior to start of the campaign. Please send the following information to this e-mail address: bcn.campaigning(at)burda.com.

    • Advertiser name
    • Campaign name
    • Booking period
    • Booked pages or placement
    • Ad formats
    • Contact person

    Please send 3rd party redirects in a separate file as an attachment. All ad material provided has to be SSL-encrypted. Third-party tracking and view time measurements are allowed but must be SSL-encrypted. We allow tracking pixel and click counters but no JS pixel.



    • All formats must be SSL-encrypted
    • We do not support expandable ad formats
    • Auto play is not accepted in any case. There has to be a user interaction for example a mouse-over click to play the sound off the video.
    • Please be aware that we don't accept ads with a close button
    • BCN uses a frequency capping for every campaign.
    • All MEW ads can be delivered in double resolution to improve the representation on retina displays. Example: A Medium rectangle ad 600x500px will be shown in 300x250 (don’t forget to pay attention to the file size!)
    • File formats: mp4, (H.264 baseline), bitrate 750 KB/sec.
    • File size: max. 10 MB
    • Acceptable Tags: VAST 2.0 or VPAID 2.0
    • Max. length of spot: max. 30 sec  
    • Pre-Rolls are non-skippable