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    Understitial Ad

    This ad will be shown on a layer under the content of a website and will be visible through down scrolling.

    File size: The file size must be max 300 KB each image.

    File format: The hosting of the Understitial ad is guaranteed by BCN. We will need 3 different formats for every creative: 1920x1920, 1080x1920, 1920x1080.

    Please ensure to not exceed 300 KB file size per image. Please send us every image in high resolution and additionally as a JPG.

    Video format:

    If you want to implement a video (818x460px, mp4/mov, max. 200 MB), make sure that it has the following alignment: Center/Top, Center/Bottom or Center/Center. The alignment of the video on the creative has to be the same for all 3 formats.

    The video should have a size of at least 1280x720 px because the ad resizes.

    BCN - technical specifications


    Please make sure to deliver all information and creatives needed, 5 days prior to start of the campaign. Please send the following information to this e-mail address: bcn.campaigning(at)burda.com.

    • Advertiser name
    • Campaign name
    • Booking period
    • Booked pages or placement
    • Ad formats
    • Contact person

    Please send 3rd party redirects in a separate file as an attachment. All ad material provided has to be SSL-encrypted. Third-party tracking and view time measurements are allowed but must be SSL-encrypted. We allow tracking pixel and click counters but no JS pixel.



    • Please provide HTML5 formats only as redirects and send us additional fall-backs as images (JPEG, GIF or PNG).
    • All formats must be SSL-encrypted.
    • We do not support expandable ad formats.
    • Auto play is not accepted in any case. There must be a user interaction for example a mouse-over click to play the sound off the video.
    • Please be aware that we don't accept ads with a close button.
    • BCN uses a frequency capping for every campaign.



    HTML5 BCN accepts HTML5 formats only as a redirect. Please make sure to test every creative in all common browsers before sending them to us. The creator of the ad is responsible for browser compatibility. We don't recommend using a HTML5 converter. Please make sure to follow the guidelines of BVDW and IAB before sending the creatives to us. We allow redirects as <script> tags. If you use script tags, note that there is a higher risk of collision on the website as if you use <iFrame> tags. This is particularly the case when HTML5 codes are not properly implemented.  You can prevent that kind of problem by using procedures such as namespaces, prefixes and iframe enclosure. BCN therefore prefers and demands redirects to be delivered as <iFrame> tags.