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    Wrapping Gatefolder

    The Wrapping Gatefold is the best way to capture a readers' attention. The reader is hereby invited to interact with the advertising message. The unique wrapping around several editorial pages by the advertiser offers a charming transfer between both brands.

  • supports a charming "unpacking"
  • knows how to captures the reader's attention
  • connects editorial and advertising context
  • extra highlight through printing and finishing specials
  • This extraordinary ad special surrounds the editorial context as a fix magazine component. The reader is charmingly asked to unpack the editorial pages and there is an immediate contact with the five-page ad layout. For the advertiser, the ad special offers an exceptional brand communication, which is closely linked to the editorial context and stands out. Let us stun our customers and make your brand tangible!

    Technically realisable:

    • Perfect binding