Highlight: BCN & hessnatur

BCN & hessnatur

By means of a print and online image campaign BCN stages the label Hessnatur as a first-class fashion player: under the motto “The Nature of Style” the campaign emphasizes the USP of the brand and extends it by style and fashion awareness. Advertisements in Elle, Freundin and Donna enhance the brand and turn it into the hallmark of awareness for quality fashion. more

IVW I/2017

IVW I/2017: Stable to positive

Stable to positive

The fact that print media still plays a major role in the times of Instagram and Co. is shown by IVW's published quarterly circulation figures more


Download: Fast, faster, the fastest

Fast, faster, the fastest

Express advertisement bookings are possible until two working days before publication date. more

My favourite Ad Special

My favourite Ad Special: Backingcard - the outstanding ad special

Backingcard - the outstanding ad special

Due to its versatility, the ad special awakens the curiosity of the reader, raises awareness and represents a very special form of advertising. Adrian Peipp tells us why the backing card is his favourite ad special. more

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