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  • Marktführer (market leader) pack

    Individually the two magazines are leaders in their markets. Together they form the new market leader pack: meine Familie & ich and Mein schöner Garten.

    Your benefits:

  • Broad reach of the biggest BurdaHome magazines
  • Combination discount of 20% starting with the first ad
  • Additionally discount with booking ads on top in The Haus and/or Mein Schönes Land
  • Keyfacts

    Sources: Sold circulation IVW III/20 | reach ma 2020 II | prices valid from 01.01.2020
    Circulation 498,720
    Reach 2.75 Mio.
    Combi booking 44,720 EUR
    Single booking 55,900 EUR
    Saving 20.00 %

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