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    Let's shape the future together

    [Translate to En:] Cover der ADAC Motorwelt
    Get out into the future of mobility: the new ADAC Motorwelt has arrived!

    The latest issue of ADAC Motorwelt was published today. The magazine is now available for all ADAC members to collect, including at over 9,250 EDEKA and Netto stores. The autumn edition of the magazine is the third to have been produced, manufactured, printed, edited, marketed and distributed by BCN, acting in its capacity as ADAC’s main contractor.

    Coca-Cola and Burda’s #AufbruchZukunft are working together towards the ‘new normal’

    In order to get out of the current crisis more strongly together and to help shape the "new normal" in a constructive way, Coca-Cola and Burda are working together in the form of a national advertising campaign. As part of this advertising cooperation, the Burda brands are picking up the Coca-Cola campaign "Open like never before" and extending it across the media.

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    BCN turns to LiveRamp’s identity solution for marketing

    For years, personalised advertising relied on third-party cookies. The imminent demise of third-party cookies as an identifier for media inventory means that publishers will need to find alternatives quickly to avoid losing significant programmatic advertising revenue. BCN is the first German marketer to find such an alternative, in the shape of its new partnership with data connectivity platform LiveRamp.

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