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    ADAC Motorwelt: what moves us in the future

    The IAA Mobility Trade Fair, which will take place in Munich from 7 to 12 September 2021, will give the people in attendance a comprehensive idea of how mobility will change in the future. In addition to automotive innovations, the fair will also focus on bicycles and environmentally-friendly concepts. The latest issue of ADAC Motorwelt, which ADAC members can get their hands on from today, is also dedicated to the topic of new mobility and (in addition to highlights from the IAA) dives into eight ground-breaking mobility trends, ranging from individualisation and digital networking to mobility without a car.

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    BCN takes on the marketing of KLAMBT’s GRAZIA title

    The KLAMBT media group is transferring its marketing of the premium fashion weekly GRAZIA to BCN. The agreement will take effect immediately for every issue with a first day of sale starting from 1 January 2022 onwards and will include every version of GRAZIA printed in German as well as Grazia-magazin.de, including all of the related social media channels and video content.

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    PLAYBOY is growing across all channels and, according to IVW II/2021, now has 46,187 subscribers (+19%), its highest subscription level since 2000. In single copy sales, PLAYBOY has grown by 10% to 41,051 copies. PLAYBOY again achieved strong year-on-year growth in so-called hard circulation (subscription and single copy sales) in the second quarter of 2021 (+14.6%). Sales of hard circulation continues to account for a strong 85% of total sales. Total sales were 8.4% higher than in the previous year, with 102,386 copies sold.

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