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    Die ganze Welt des Weins
    The wide world of wine

    The wide world of wine. BCN and b.famous present ALDI SÜDs premium wines in a commercial content campaign.

    Wine is more than just a drink. Wine means a whole world that people love to celebrate. But at what point does a wine become premium, and who actually makes this decision? ALDI SÜD is using a commercial content campaign to tell the stories of its exquisite range of wines, and is inviting consumers to become confident wine connoisseurs at the drop of a hat.

    The campaign developed by BCN and b.famous strongly focuses on printed text and images using the Burda brands BUNTE, FOCUS and freundin.

    Stories of winemakers and wine knowledge

    The commercial content concept is made up of two components. Winemakers and their unique stories are at the heart of a specially produced background series, filmed on location, which explains the campaign in a relatable, creative and also informative way. One of the protagonists is star winemaker Johannes Leitz, whose Rheingau Riesling enriched ALDI SÜD’s range this year. In native pieces prepared for the media brand, he explains how the character of his wines reflects their origin.

    Top winemaker Raimund Prüm has created an exquisite white wine from the Moselle region exclusively for ALDI SÜD, and tells us more about its composition. The pieces are rounded off by nuggets of wine knowledge, turning readers into real experts for any cosy wine evening. Infotainment questions include: What is the perfect drinking temperature for Riesling? What is the best type of glass – and how do you master the pour?

    Campaign also supports the ALDI SÜD wine truck

    These background stories invoke curiosity in the reader, encouraging them to sample quality wines for themselves. BCN and b.famous show them how and where they can do this with the second component. Another campaign topic is the ALDI SÜD wine truck, which is currently touring around Germany, offering an up-close ALDI SÜD Weinwelt experience. Each of these formats is also prepared natively and uniquely, using impressions from the Dusseldorf fish market, for example.

    “We’re proud of the many great and truly first-class wines on our shelves with which we can continually surprise our customers. With the current campaign, we want wine lovers, as well as anyone who wants to quench their thirst, to take advantage of both our wine selection and the many other offers in our stores that make it possible for us to give everyone a quality wine experience. This also includes our digital ALDI SÜD Weinwelt (www.meine-weinwelt.de), which has a built-in wine advisor and a comprehensive wine magazine, which is referenced in all the campaign’s content ads,” explains Alexandra Baukrowitz, Manager of Print Marketing at ALDI SÜD.

    Christine Fehenberger, CEO b.famous content studios: “Wine has long been seen as a world reserved exclusively for a small circle of experts. ALDI SÜD is demonstrating that quality and retail food stores are not mutually exclusive – quite the opposite, in fact.

    Our aim with the campaign is to make a small contribution to this democratisation, to give readers the basic knowledge they need and to make them enthusiastic about high-quality wine enjoyment. To do this, we have deliberately focussed on commercial print content in the form of high-quality journalistic reports and interviews with opulent photography.”

    b.famous: Commercial Content macht Karriere
    b.famous. Commercial content makes careers

    Today’s new issue of Horizont explores how b.famous uses Burda’s media in new ways and why Content Studios could be a model for success.

    In an interview with Horizont, Christine Fehenbergen (CEO of b.famous Content Studios) and Michael Samak (CEO of BCN) reports on the company’s initial successes, the idea behind b.famous and why b.famous is one of the most important factors helping to carve out BCN’s unique market position.

    You can read the complete article here.

    BCN vermarktet VOGUE, GLAMOUR und NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Niederlande

    BCN client Hearst acquires G+J portfolio in the Netherlands.

    Our international client Hearst has recently concluded a full takeover of G+J Media Nederland. That means that BCN now offers its clients even more power in the fields of fashion and lifestyle in one of Germany’s neighbouring countries.

    Hearst Netherlands will not only manage its existing brands, such as ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Harper's BAZAAR, Esquire, Quote and Men's & Women's Health – its portfolio will now include brands such as Vogue, JAN, Glamour, Quest and National Geographic as well. With this acquisition, Hearst Netherlands has strengthened its position on the magazine and digital markets as well in the luxury sector, making it the number one branded content house with a focus on high-profile, wealthy target audiences.

    Naturally, all information and offers for the international titles are available from BCN International Media.

    About BCN: BCN’s international media team offers media in over 40 markets around the world – all from a single provider. To provide these exclusive offers, we work together with selected international publishers such as Hearst, Lagardère, Hindustan Times, Styria, The Rake and others.

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