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    ADAC Motorwelt boasts 5.9 million readers

    A compass for the mobile lifestyle: ADAC Motorwelt reaches around 5.9 million readers and inspires them with 180 pages of premium content in each issue. This claim is corroborated by the results of the Allensbach market and advertising media analysis (Allensbacher Markt und Werbeträgerana-lyse, AWA) 2021, which were published today (28 June 2021). According to the study, the club mag-azine has the second highest reach of all magazines surveyed.

    Getting in on hyperlocal marketing with nebenan.de

    BCN is getting in on the marketing of nebenan.de, Germany’s biggest neighbourhood platform with 1.9 million users. The platform enables advertisers to market to audiences at the local street level and maximise native advertising content.


    The European Football Championship that kicks off today is ray of hope for many football fans. After countless cancelled matches and empty stadiums, the tournament hopes to breathe life back into the sport. But how do Germans follow football coverage? And which media are the fans’ first port of call?

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    Living the dream of freedom and mobility

    Sunsets over the sea, the soothing view of mountains or water – the new issue of ADAC Motorwelt addresses these longings by focusing on a rediscovered vacation trend: camping. Germany’s highest-circulation mobility magazine is available to ADAC Club members as of today. It shows, and not for the first time, that mobility is so much more than just movement – it’s a lifestyle!

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    In-game advertising: BCN partners with Anzu platform

    Another expansion in the digital portfolio: BCN cooperates with Anzu and thus enables a new, innovative advertising solution: In-Game Advertising. This allows advertising companies to integrate their messages directly into video games and thus address a new, young target group in a particularly interactive way.


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    For our Planet launches Klimagazin, a series of special publications

    BurdaVerlag aims to promote sustainability through its own products and services under a publishing brand named ‘For Our Planet’. Kicking off the planned series of special publications is the first issue of the recently established ‘Klimagazin’.

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    FOCUS Special highlights the appeals of Carinthia

    Introducing Carinthia: With a special advertising publication, the upcoming issue of FOCUS will highlight the southernmost state in Austria as both a travel destination and a business location. It will be published on 3 April 2021 in cooperation with Kärnten Werbung, together with the regular issue of FOCUS.

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    Procter & Gamble and Burda launch emotional campaign targeting people over 50

    Procter & Gamble is starting a campaign for the Easter holidays that focuses on happy moments with grandparents as part of its #StrongerTogether initiative. BCN is expanding its comprehensive #StrongerTogether cross-media concept to include the target group of “Best Agers”. This campaign is being rolled out together with Burda media such as Lisa, FREIZEIT REVUE, Frau im Trend, SUPERIllu and Burda’s influencer marketing unit, brands you love.

    BCN and onvista media join forces for digital marketing

    From April, BCN shall be responsible for the digital marketing of the finance platform onvista.de and shall therefore complement onvista’s in-house finance marketing with a wide range of customers in various sectors and a portfolio for managed and programmatic advertising.

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    Audi redefines luxury with Burda

    A futuristic outlook and redefining the concept of progress – at the launch of the Audi e-tron GT, the company enlisted the aid of BCN and strong BurdaVerlag brands ELLE and ESQUIRE to translate these classic Audi values into a cross-media campaign that integrates into two complementary flights across Burda’s print, online and social media platforms.

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    BUNTE quarterly – the new magazine with depth

    After the successful launches of BUNTE REISEN and BUNTE Freude & Stil, BUNTE uses the style of Andy Warhol's People Magazines with the interview magazine BUNTE quarterly. High-quality journalism meets opulent visual language.


    Einfach. Sicher. Weiter: The new ADAC Motorwelt has arrived!

    The latest edition of the ADAC Motorwelt, which is available for all ADAC members from today, promises a "bright joy". With the current issue, the motor world wants to provide the right inspiration for everyday life, leisure and holidays. And it also shows that she hits the nerve of the times with her choice of themes.

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    Sustainability report: conscientious consumption requires brands to reinvent themselves

    The latest Sustainability Report (an analysis of the results of b4p and b4t) examines how this change of consciousness can be successfully translated into the marketing strategy of companies: Concretely: What the society's changed awareness of brand positioning, multiplier target groups and advertising material creation means.


    Under the name "HORIZONT ReStart", the established industry event of HORIZONT was successful as a digital start to the year. The invitation on 20 January was followed by well-known CEOs, CMOs and executives from large and medium-sized companies. BCN Managing Director Michael Samak took this as an opportunity to point out the importance of media brands and lists how BCN achieves a reach of 60.47 million with modern marketing approaches.

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    Zukunftspakt Apotheke in cooperation with WW

    WW is the acronym that Weight Watchers has used for its relaunch. WW has made a name for itself as a global wellness company and is the world’s leading commercial provider of services for active weight management and physical well-being. With the pharmacy ‘Future Pact’, the company is now establishing a presence in pharmacies.

    Digital female power: BCN takes on the marketing of gofeminin.de

    Effective immediately, BCN is taking on the digital marketing of gofeminin.de, one of the most prominent online portals for women in Germany. In a collaboration with Burda’s most successful digital media (such as freundin.de, BUNTE.de, InStyle.de, ELLE.de and BAZAAR.de), the partners aim to increase relevance and reach among female target groups.

    New coronavirus study: The virus has had a lasting impact on our media and leisure behaviour. And not to forget, the impact of the pandemic on Christmas

    Almost a year in crisis mode. In retrospect, we have taken this as an opportunity to ask the question again: What influence does the Corona pandemic have on our media and leisure behaviour? We were also interested in: How will the Christmas season be under pandemic sedation this year?

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    Our men's magazines showcase the entire spectrum of modern masculinity

    Germany is currently home to 34.8 million men. But how are men faring in the year 2020, and what role do they play as a target audience for marketing? The new Men’s Report from Burda’s Media Market Insights research department reveals a diverse and thought-provoking portrait of the transformation in contemporary concepts of masculinity.

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    Father Christmas is wearing yellow this year – the fourth edition of ADAC Motorwelt is here!

    Christmas 2020 has come early: from today, ADAC club members can pick up the latest issue of ADAC Motorwelt, Germany’s largest circulating mobility magazine, at participating EDEKA and Netto supermarkets, as well as from ADAC. The winter edition is the fourth issue in which BCN has been involved in its capacity as ADAC’s main contractor for the magazine.

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    New PMA campaign for general interest magazines

    #DARUMMARKENMEDIEN perfectly sums up the new media campaign for general interest magazines from Pressemarkt Anzeigen (Press Market Working Group (PMA)) in the Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger (Association of German Magazine Publishers ((VDZ)). Six eye-catching motifs form the base of a platform on which advertisers can confidently demonstrate the impact of their advertising and the importance of journalistic topics in consumer media.

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    Media group Klambt has tasked BCN with the marketing of its magazine portfolio, as well as digital platforms, as part of a strategic cooperation. This includes wide-reaching, renowned titles, such as Für Sie, Petra, Vital, Funk Uhr, Lea, Jolie, OK and OK-magazin.de. The only exceptions to this cooperation are Grazia and Graziamagazin.de

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    Esquire – A new arrival in men’s lifestyle magazines

    Following the successful launch of the digital edition in March 2020, the Esquire men’s lifestyle magazine is now also available in print: Esquire is a magazine for open-minded people, who are interested in fashion, society, culture and entertainment. It will have a print run of 120,000 copies and cost EUR 6 per copy.

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    La Roche-Posay uses native campaigns and live sessions

    L’Oréal brand La Roche-Posay and Burda have joined forces and launched a special digital campaign all about neurodermatitis. The campaign is built on a variety of native content modules for online and social media, and is oriented at families affected by the condition. Live consultation sessions hosted on NetDoktor.de will form a central component.

    [Translate to En:] Cover der ADAC Motorwelt
    Get out into the future of mobility: the new ADAC Motorwelt has arrived!

    The latest issue of ADAC Motorwelt was published today. The magazine is now available for all ADAC members to collect, including at over 9,250 EDEKA and Netto stores. The autumn edition of the magazine is the third to have been produced, manufactured, printed, edited, marketed and distributed by BCN, acting in its capacity as ADAC’s main contractor.

    Coca-Cola and Burda’s #AufbruchZukunft are working together towards the ‘new normal’

    In order to get out of the current crisis more strongly together and to help shape the "new normal" in a constructive way, Coca-Cola and Burda are working together in the form of a national advertising campaign. As part of this advertising cooperation, the Burda brands are picking up the Coca-Cola campaign "Open like never before" and extending it across the media.

    BCN turns to LiveRamp’s identity solution for marketing

    For years, personalised advertising relied on third-party cookies. The imminent demise of third-party cookies as an identifier for media inventory means that publishers will need to find alternatives quickly to avoid losing significant programmatic advertising revenue. BCN is the first German marketer to find such an alternative, in the shape of its new partnership with data connectivity platform LiveRamp.

    The impact the COVID-19 crisis is having on our cooking and eating habits

    Fewer social commitments, working from home and no more group hobbies – the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t just led to a change in consumer behaviour, but to people becoming better acquainted with their kitchen and discovering new recipes, too. That is according to the latest study conducted by p4p trends between 30 April and 6 May, and is likely to be of great interest to advertisers in the food industry in particular.

    Samsung acquires a taste with Burda and ‘The Taste’

    Cooking is more than just a passion – a new multi-channel campaign for Samsung proves this. This campaign sees the ‘Dual Cook Flex’ oven and the ‘RS 8000’ refrigerator become ideal kitchen assis-tants for conjuring up a healthy and enjoyable menu for the whole family.

    BCN relies on smartclip’s video ad tech stack and expertise

    BCN now uses smartclip’s all-encompassing technological approach for its premium video operations. BCN’s extensive premium portfolio – which includes ELLE, freundin, Harper’s Bazaar and BUNTE – will be delivered both via smartclip’s ad server and its programmatic video SSP SmartX.

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    Henkel’s ‘Nature Box’: How print advertising strengthens beauty brands

    Print advertising strengthens brands – as proven by a current BCN campaign for Henkel accompanied by Burda’s market research unit Media Market Insights (MMI). The effect of an advertisement was examined in the course of the campaign for Henkel’s new ‘Nature Box’ beauty series.

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    ADAC Motorwelt – ‘Let’s roll’ with the second edition

    The second edition of ADAC Motorwelt is here! One could say the issue titled ‘Let’s roll’ (‘Jetzt geht’s rund’) is the magazine’s ‘COVID-19 edition’.

    The eatbetter content platform helps people navigate the complicated world of nutrition and a balanced diet

    Being healthy can be both easy and delicious! The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in people paying even more attention to what’s on their plate – and whether it’s healthy. That’s why Burda, together with its partner EDEKA, has launched the ‘eatbetter’ initiative.

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    BCN is now turning to Integral Ad Science (IAS) for web optimisation

    BCN is now working together with Integral Ad Science (IAS), the world’s largest technology provider for ad verification. The established IAS publisher solutions are used to verify and optimise digital advertising.

    Burda study analyses media and purchasing behaviour during the Corona crisis

    What do Burda readers do when the Corona crisis forces them to work at home and leisure activities are severely limited by restrictions on outdoor activities? In addition to tidying, cleaning up and walking, reading, watching television and searching online are currently among the top five occupations.

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    COVID-19 crisis – How are Germans responding and what are their thoughts looking into the future?

    Germany’s social distancing and stay-at-home measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 have dramatically altered the way people go about their daily routines. In its b4p trends study, the Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (GIK), or the company for integrated communication research, explores some critical questions.

    Corona crisis: Rising subscription numbers and continued positive growth of magazine sales

    Hubert Burda Media has so far defied the crisis with the stable sales development of its Burda weeklies as well as its fortnightly TV guide magazines.

    Digital media use has risen significantly since March

    According to AGOF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung: German Association of Online Research), the top ten digital marketers, including BCN, recorded a 16 per cent overall increase in reach for March.

    Rising sales and guaranteed booklet production during the Corona crisis

    Covid-19 is now defining many aspects of our current social lives and the way we work and operate our businesses. In particular, at times like these, people also have an increased need for information, relaxation and diversion.

    The new ADAC Motorwelt: BCN is leading the way as a general contractor

    As of 5 March 2020, and with a print run of five million, ADAC Motorwelt can be found in over 9,100 EDEKA and Netto supermarkets across Germany.

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    Countdown for ADAC Motorwelt

    The fully revamped club magazine will be in the hands of consumers starting on 5 March. Until then, preparations are proceeding at full speed.

    Five forecasts for the advertising year 2020

    2019 saw the further transformation of the advertising market. From influencer marketing, to programmatic advertising, right through to digital out-of-home advertising – possibilities for advertisers have been consistently growing over the years. More and more channels for customer acquisition are opening up to companies, making the decision for the right media mix and suitable marketing strategy anything but simple

    BCN backs Burda campaign to promote journalism

    Today, Hubert Burda Media is launching the ‘Print macht stark’ (The power of print) campaign designed to highlight the prominent role print journalism in its many forms plays at our company. The campaign represents a social commitment to journalism with its roots in print.

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    Pharmacy Future Pact: Presentation at Expopharm 2019

    The pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ set up by Noweda and Burda recently made a splash at Europe’s largest pharmaceutical trade fair, Expopharm 2019, held in Düsseldorf, Germany. This strong alliance for bricks-and-mortar pharmacies in Germany was established just six months ago with the launch of the Ihreapotheken.de order platform and ‘my life’, a modern pharmacy customer magazine.

    Retail Report 2019: It’s all in the media mix

    Retailers are facing a rapid change. Shopping sprees and spontaneous purchases are declining, while the number of purchases made online continues to increase. The practice of getting advice in retail stores and then buying a product cheaper online – known as advice theft – is flourishing. The Retail Report 2019 by the Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (GIK), or the company for integrated communication research, outlines current retail trends and illustrates how retailers can deal with the challenges posed by digitalisation effectively using targeted communication measures.

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    Strong partners in digital marketing: BCN cooperates with styria digital one

    BCN is counting on a marketing partnership in Austria and thus strengthening its international sales network in the online sector, as styria digital one (sd one) is exclusively taking on remarketing of Austrian traffic for Burda’s digital media.

    New and improved ADAC Motorwelt presented for the first time

    ADAC presented its new and improved membership magazine – ADAC Motorwelt – for the first time at the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. In the future, ADAC Motorwelt will offer information, inspiration and services across 100 pages – in a tangibly high-quality look and feel, in a large format and with an incredibly diverse range of content.

    Kölln porridge oats - for nutritious meals throughout the day

    In an ongoing 360-degree campaign for Kölln and the Hamburg-based agency me-diaplan, Kölln porridge oats are set to become the perfect foodstuff for throughout the day, with a diverse range of eye-catching content that presents them as a nutritious foodstuff that isn’t merely confined to the breakfast table.

    Celebrating an Italian attitude to life

    Freedom, indulgence, effortlessness – the Fiat 500 isn’t just a car; it’s a symbol for enjoying life the Italian way. Burda and ProSiebenSat.1 are turning this feeling into something tangible with an emotional 360-degree campaign titled ‘La Dolce Vita’ (the sweet life). The partners’ marketing companies – BCN and Seven One Media – are interweaving a wide range of content modules in print, TV, online and social media to spark interest in the Italian experience with Fiat among the target audience of women aged between 20 and 39.

    ADAC & Burda: Strategic partnership for new “ADAC Motorwelt” magazine

    The General German Automobile Club (ADAC) is revamping its members’ magazine, “ADAC Motorwelt”, and has entered into a strategic collaboration with Hubert Burda Media to make this happen. Burda subsidiary BCN will be acting as general contractor from the first quarter of 2020 and will be responsible both for the production, manufacturing and printing and for the editing, marketing and distribution of Europe’s biggest magazine.

    b4p trends #3–2019 – Established media enjoying great trust

    The persistent discussions surrounding the topic of ‘Fake News’ have led to an increasing number of people paying attention to which sources certain information comes from, and considering it wise to consult a greater number of sources to ascertain the truthfulness of news.

    Healthlab by Burda - The healthcare market of tomorrow

    A new location for an established event: last Wednesday, BCN and the national Burda media groups BurdaStyle, BurdaLife, BurdaNews and BurdaHome held the fourth Healthlab by Burda aimed at healthcare decision makers.

    BCN & Playboy: 360 degree branding – and more!

    PLAYBOY has once more become a tangible brand – consumers can now experience what makes this brand extraordinary in print, on all digital platforms and in real life at events. Part of this cross-linking concept involves some content first being tested out in digital ‘Special Editions’ before being converted to print media – which means that great content never goes to waste. Marketing has now become 360 degrees and is available from a single provider. The acquisition of Playboy.de means that the brand will be marketed completely by BCN (Burda Community Network) from now on.

    BCN & ELLE: Lodenfrey celebrates true style icons together with ELLE

    What does it mean to have a true sense of style? Lodenfrey will show consumers what it takes from 6 March 2019 onwards with a native print and point of sale campaign developed with BCN, a marketer of the Hubert Burda Media Group, and the premium brand ELLE. ELLE will put together a collection of must-haves for spring from 15 top Lodenfrey brands with ‘True style icons’ as the overarching theme. Famous international brands such as Etro, Polo Ralph Lauren, Brunello Cucinelli and Emporio Armani, as well as German brands such as Odeeh, Talbot Runhof and Windsor, are among the labels participating in the campaign.

    Burda study proves the effectiveness of samples

    Samples generate interest, motivate customers to try products and are among the top reasons for making purchases


    Whether it’s trying out fragrances, shampoos or make-up, integrating product samples into magazine ads makes the advertisement more effective and encourages customers to make a purchase. That is the conclusion of a new joint study about ad specials* by Burda distributor BCN and Burda’s central research department, Market Media Insights (MMI). For example, fragrance samples increase consumer interest in an advert by 63 %. And that’s not all: For 64 % of those surveyed, samples are also the reason why they finally went on to buy a given cosmetics product.

    BCN - Monika’s recipes for happiness

    Advertising works. Especially in this particular case. When Monika Gruber, cabaret artiste and brand ambassador for Goldsteig cheese, accepted BCN’s invitation to visit the Burda Bar in Munich, the place was packed.

    BCN launches new website with topic preview tool

    CEO Burkhard Graßmann describes the new BCN website, which just went live, as a ‘one-stop service point’. The new website is more than just a digital business card for the multichannel marketer. Customers can use the cross-media platform topic preview tool to better plan their brand communication in Burda media.

    BCN – Successfully bucking the trend

    The Burda print platform is still successfully making history, even in a difficult market. According to Nielsen ratings, three Burda magazines could hold their own among the Top 10 best-selling magazines from January to November.

    The wide world of wine
    The wide world of wine

    The wide world of wine. BCN and b.famous present ALDI SÜDs premium wines in a commercial content campaign.

    Wine is more than just a drink. Wine means a whole world that people love to celebrate. But at what point does a wine become premium, and who actually makes this decision? ALDI SÜD is using a commercial content campaign to tell the stories of its exquisite range of wines, and is inviting consumers to become confident wine connoisseurs at the drop of a hat.

    The campaign developed by BCN and b.famous strongly focuses on printed text and images using the Burda brands BUNTE, FOCUS and freundin.

    Stories of winemakers and wine knowledge

    The commercial content concept is made up of two components. Winemakers and their unique stories are at the heart of a specially produced background series, filmed on location, which explains the campaign in a relatable, creative and also informative way. One of the protagonists is star winemaker Johannes Leitz, whose Rheingau Riesling enriched ALDI SÜD’s range this year. In native pieces prepared for the media brand, he explains how the character of his wines reflects their origin.

    Top winemaker Raimund Prüm has created an exquisite white wine from the Moselle region exclusively for ALDI SÜD, and tells us more about its composition. The pieces are rounded off by nuggets of wine knowledge, turning readers into real experts for any cosy wine evening. Infotainment questions include: What is the perfect drinking temperature for Riesling? What is the best type of glass – and how do you master the pour?

    Campaign also supports the ALDI SÜD wine truck

    These background stories invoke curiosity in the reader, encouraging them to sample quality wines for themselves. BCN and b.famous show them how and where they can do this with the second component. Another campaign topic is the ALDI SÜD wine truck, which is currently touring around Germany, offering an up-close ALDI SÜD Weinwelt experience. Each of these formats is also prepared natively and uniquely, using impressions from the Dusseldorf fish market, for example.

    “We’re proud of the many great and truly first-class wines on our shelves with which we can continually surprise our customers. With the current campaign, we want wine lovers, as well as anyone who wants to quench their thirst, to take advantage of both our wine selection and the many other offers in our stores that make it possible for us to give everyone a quality wine experience. This also includes our digital ALDI SÜD Weinwelt (www.meine-weinwelt.de), which has a built-in wine advisor and a comprehensive wine magazine, which is referenced in all the campaign’s content ads,” explains Alexandra Baukrowitz, Manager of Print Marketing at ALDI SÜD.

    Christine Fehenberger, CEO b.famous content studios: “Wine has long been seen as a world reserved exclusively for a small circle of experts. ALDI SÜD is demonstrating that quality and retail food stores are not mutually exclusive – quite the opposite, in fact.

    Our aim with the campaign is to make a small contribution to this democratisation, to give readers the basic knowledge they need and to make them enthusiastic about high-quality wine enjoyment. To do this, we have deliberately focussed on commercial print content in the form of high-quality journalistic reports and interviews with opulent photography.”

    BCN named top marketer

    The difference is quality. BCN (Burda Community Network GmbH) was listed as number one in this year’s Marketer Check for the Areas of Advertising and Sales (W&V). BCN made a particularly strong showing in the top category, which involves the presentation of a customised offer for a test client. It is a fabulous testament to the strength of our team’s consultation skills and the fact that we have consistently received top marks in past years is proof of the enduring quality of our service.

    John Frieda and BCN reveal the secrets of blonde women
    John Frieda and BCN reveal the secrets of blonde women

    It’s more than just a hair colour. What makes blonde women stand out, what are their secrets and how can brand communication learn from them – those are the questions John Frieda is exploring in the ‘Blonde Secret’ campaign for the sheer BLONDE product line.

    Native campaign stages sheer BLONDE brand with a focus on special moments

    BCN explores the idea in the context of a creative campaign that focuses both on insider tips themselves and the perfect moments to reveal those beauty secrets. The campaign revolves around special occasions in which consumers need to know how to achieve the perfect blonde. On Burda platforms, consumers can learn hair care secrets and gather tips for their personal beauty regimens.

    The aim of the campaign was to concentrate on key moments in which potential consumers are particularly receptive to ad messaging. The formats revolve around situations in which consumers think to themselves, “I want to look radiant today.” These may be moments such as weddings, festivals or after a summer holiday, situations in which consumers may be explicitly looking for special tips. The campaign not only addresses users and readers in the language of their own lives, it speaks to them individually – and very effectively.

    John Frieda has identified three ‘receptive moments’ for the native specials on the platforms of instyle.de, bunte.de and freundin.de. The brands’ Facebook channels also feature eye-catching content surrounding themes such as weddings, holidays, and hair care advice for important appointments or daily tips to help readers shine on the job. Recommendations include tricks and tips for the specially created ‘beach blonde,’ ‘repair blonde’ and ‘wedding blonde’ types.

    The digital roll-out began at the end of April, and starting in July, InStyle, Bunte, Elle and Freundin will be featuring ‘Blonde Secret’ in print with matching content ads that reveal the secret for achieving the right blonde look for any type or occasion – from blonde to blonder, from dull to divine and from damaged to ravishing.

    “We are very pleased with the results. The suggestions aligned perfectly with our campaign idea and helped us to stage our brand to appeal to the right target audience in the relevant situations,” says Armin Haery, Marketing Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at John Frieda, Guhl and Biore.

    “Individualisation is becoming an ever more important part of brand communication. The most effective messages are those that appeal to the need of the consumer and speak to their current lifestyle. With ‘Blonde Secret’ and our focus on ‘receptive moments’, we are investing in a personal approach that addresses our readers and users directly and authentically and inspires them in unique ways. We are very proud of the viewing times on our sponsored Facebook posts, which reach an average of two and a half minutes,” adds BCN CEO Michael Samak. 

    Starcom serves as the consulting media agency.

    Image: © Shutterstock

    ProSiebenSat.1 and Hubert Burda Media agree to collaborate on content and marketing
    ProSiebenSat.1 and Hubert Burda Media agree to collaborate on content and marketing
    • Development of joint, high-quality content for TV, print and digital platforms
    • Initial focus on the fashion and beauty industries
    • Joint offers with combined reach in the advertising market

    ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and Hubert Burda Media have entered into a collaboration agreement for content and sales. The primary objective of the collaboration is to offer the advertising market additional services by providing high-quality content and a wider reach as well as cross-media and interlinked products. Both partners aim to use their unique strengths to appeal to female target audiences while initially focusing their combined efforts on the fashion and beauty industries. In addition, they will continue to develop their joint digital marketing programme. With a portfolio consisting of TV, digital and print, the partners reach on average over 95 percent of the German public each month.*

    ProSiebenSat.1 and Hubert Burda Media have already launched their first content pilot projects, for example as part of Prosieben’s ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ format, in which BurdaStyle Luxury brands such as InStyle, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar as well as familiar faces from the editorial offices were organically integrated into the TV format and reflected in the editorial language of the print and digital environments of the respective publications. Joint TV and print advertorials – for example, editorially prepared advertising space – are already being successfully implemented, as in the case of joint client Pandora. Burda has also integrated its InStyle magazine into ‘Perfect Shot’, another successful TV format on ProSieben which is set to begin its third season in 2018. Advertisers are offered a joint package of product placements, print advertorials and a range of digital building blocks.

    Both companies have been successfully collaborating on the marketing of digital video inventory since 2015. In the future, advertisers will be given the opportunity to showcase their campaigns on the inventory of the HbbTV range from ProSiebenSat.1 as well as in the video content from the Burda portfolio, which includes BunteTV, MyLifeTV and FitforFunTV. In addition to video, ProSiebenSat.1 and Burda are also collaborating on display within the framework of a co-marketing agreement. In addition, proprietary platforms, such as schlappohr.de, will be developed or refined. This enables brands to be staged in a suitable manner that is appropriate to the individual topic.


    According to Sabine Eckhardt, Executive Board Member Sales & Marketing at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, “relevant, high-quality content, a broad reach, secure environments and attractive advertising products – both companies contribute these qualities to the partnership, making their joint portfolio a must-have for modern brand communication. This provides advertising customers with real added value.”


    “Thanks to our fascinating editorial content, both of our companies have a close relationship to female target audiences. Based on our expertise, we are creating joint platforms which we are now opening up to the advertising market.  This provides our customers with a highly relevant new service, which delivers outstanding quality.” Philipp Welte, member of the Board at Hubert Burda Media


    *German-speaking population ages 14 and older, potential audience of 70.09 million. Source: best for planning 2017 III.

    Pandora supplies jewellery for top models
    Pandora supplies jewellery for top models

    Top model day returned on Thursday. ‘GNTM’ is heading into a new season, and this time around it’s worth tuning in early. At 8:13 pm, the network will be broadcasting a spot that is part of a comprehensive staging campaign produced by SevenOne AdFactory and BCN for their customer Pandora.

    Print plus TV plus online

    The spot is part of a comprehensive native campaign for jewellery manufacturer Pandora. The idea: Pandora fits top model Rebecca Mir with jewellery for a photo shoot with Elle and InStyle, accompanied by video cameras. Fashion journalist Anna Ziegelbauer appears on camera to offer her InStyle expertise and provide tips on current jewellery trends. Pandora’s Head of Marketing, Julia Kogge, offers her insights as well. Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle accompany the ad with three online native articles and the photo shoot itself will be featured in Elle and InStyle (issue 5 of each title, respectively) as a native content ad. ProSieben produced the videos. The photo shoot that provided the images for the content on all of the channels in the BurdaStyle Luxury brands was carried out by the native experts at these brands together with the InStyle editorial team.

    Added value for clients

    “In collaboration with SevenOne Media AdFactory, we have developed a package that is strong on content and easy to roll out, too. The BurdaStyle Luxury brands offer credible, high-quality advertising platforms. With this combination, clients can reach larger, and more involved targeted audiences all under one roof. It’s an offer that provides clients with true added value.” Michael Samak, BCN CEO

    Then there is the native approach. According to Samak, “we produce contents that are individually tailored to the needs of our clients, and that appeal to the interests of both consumers and editorial platforms.”

    b.famous. Commercial content makes careers

    Today’s new issue of Horizont explores how b.famous uses Burda’s media in new ways and why Content Studios could be a model for success.

    In an interview with Horizont, Christine Fehenbergen (CEO of b.famous Content Studios) and Michael Samak (CEO of BCN) reports on the company’s initial successes, the idea behind b.famous and why b.famous is one of the most important factors helping to carve out BCN’s unique market position.

    You can read the complete article here.

    BMW kicks it in the sneaker business
    BMW kicks it in the sneaker business

    Just in time for the launch of the German campaign for the first BMW X2, the automotive manufacturer has made a foray into shoe design. Stars such as Iris Berben took the opportunity to try on the stylish white sneakers with the golden heel caps at the Bunte Festival Night. The shoe was produced by VOR shoes, a small manufacturer in Munich. BMW developed the idea for the shoe cooperation as part of an agency pitch with Burda’s BCN and b.famous Content Studios. Three questions for Stefanie Wurst, Head of Marketing at the BMW Group Germany.

    Ms. Wurst, BMW and fashion design – it’s a unique combination. What’s the idea behind the campaign?

    Our X2 customers surround themselves with items that express their individualism. That is not limited to the car – it also includes lifestyle products, for example, sneakers. The BMW X2 sneaker is more than just an ad for the vehicle. It shows that we understand the lifestyle of our customers and have something interesting to contribute.

    What makes these sneakers special and what are the parallels between the shoes and the BMW X2?

    ‘Show yourself’: Our communication claim combines all elements of the campaign. The car, in galvanic gold, is a car for expressive individuals. The same goes for the sneakers. We reference the iconic car colour in the accents on the sneakers to produce a unique shoe with a strong resemblance to the product.

    How did this cooperation between BMW X2 and Munich sneaker manufacturer VOR shoes come about?

    The idea for the sneaker came first. Burda helped us with all parts of the process, including our search for the right cooperation partner. The premium sneakers from VOR and the team at VOR impressed us immediately.

    Shoes and more: The winning media concept pitched by Burda and b.famous Content Studios (consulting agency Mediaplus) features influencers, and Playboy, a media group with a special understanding of the target audience, is contributing both print and online content. At the dazzling Festival Night, the shoes were already a conversation piece, with stars like Iris Berben lining up to try them on. The limited-edition sneakers from VOR, the premium shoe manufacturer based in Munich, are not available for purchase, however fans can try their luck online or at participating BMW dealerships, where they have the chance to win a pair in time for the launch of the BMW X2.

    BurdaForward Advertising & BCN: Germany’s best home
    BurdaForward Advertising & BCN: Germany’s best home

    Retirement and social security, insurance and construction financing are issues that most people have to deal with at some point, but they are also topics that tend to be complicated, dry and offer little in the way of entertainment. That makes it even more challenging to take these themes and transform them into real, emotional stories that people can relate to. BurdaForward Advertising and BCN took on just this challenge in a project for our client Interhyp, working together with the brand Focus to develop a sample best practice campaign on the topic of construction financing.

    Storytelling with a combination of print and online content

    Publishing house and advertising client worked in close cooperation to produce a successful native storytelling campaign using a combination of online and print content. The microsite ‘Germany’s best home’ used branded content on Focus Online as well as advertorials and ads in Focus magazine to search for and find Germany’s three best home construction projects: The 79-year-old who wants to make his dream of a multi-generation house come true for the whole family, the young woman who planned an entire house for her twin sister and the new family that wants to build the perfect family home for the new baby.

    Persuasive KPIs

    The Interhyp project from BurdaForward Advertising and BCN is a campaign with KPIs that speak for themselves. With a reach of nearly 170,000 visits and 215,000 page impressions, the format exceeded all original aims and expectations. The project represented a major boost in image and trust and increased KPIs for consideration, awareness and conversion.

    Challenging topic full of emotions

    The project shows that it is possible to charge a difficult topic such as bank financing with emotional substance. In spite of the challenging task and a topic that doesn’t seem to present the perfect premise for jaw-dropping narratives, the partners were able to produce an emotional, multimedia production complete with successful KPIs and proven market research results. The colleagues at BurdaForward Advertising and BCN worked with Interhyp to turn this challenge into a successful venture.

    BCN/b.famous: Digital campaign for ‘Alpronistas’
    BCN/b.famous: Digital campaign for ‘Alpronistas’

    Commercial content for Alpro: Last year, BCN and C3 banded together to form the creative unit b.famous. Their work can be seen in a purely digital campaign designed for client Alpro that is set to launch this week. b.famous, focusing closely on lives of consumers, developed breakfast-themed stories for the customer market.

    Breakfast tips from fitness stars

    The campaign’s target audience consists of women ages twenty and over, enthusiastic Alpro fans that the campaign brands ‘Alpronistas’. The core element of the campaign is a native video series on BUNTE.de that shows its audience how to integrate Alpro products into their everyday morning routines. Five episodes produced exclusively with BUNTE.de concentrate on the morning routines and challenges different types of people experience each day, and discuss topics such as fitness, health and nutrition. The videos’ protagonists include lifestyle blogger and influencer Lindarella and yoga and fitness star Kate Hall.

    Creative commercial content

    b.famous adapts the content of these episodes to coordinate with platforms Foodboom.de and DasKochrezept.de. Native specials on these platforms guide users to new Alpro-based recipes developed specifically for the brand by Burda Food Factory and Foodboom. In addition, the campaign features tips from experts and other inspiring protagonists. Social media networking with the Burda food brands rounds off this commercial content campaign.

    Read more in the press release available for download on the right.

    Michael Samak named new PMA speaker
    Michael Samak named new PMA speaker

    Michael Samak, SEO of the Burda Community Network (BCN), has been named the new speaker of PZ working group Pressemarkt Anzeigen (PMA) for press market ads. The PMA working group supports ad marketing as a business area of magazine publishers.

     “The press market working group in the VDZ (Association of German Magazine Publishers) is pleased to instate Michael Samak, a renowned manager and experienced international advertising expert who has already contributed important ideas as a member of the PMA. I am enthusiastic about working together with our new speaker.” Alexander von Reibnitz, CEO of Print and Digital Media in the VDZ.

     As one of BCN’s two CEOs, Michael Samak holds the top position among German newspaper marketers. In 2014, Samak started as Director of Client Services at BCN, where he was responsible for managing around 3,000 relationships between BCN and its advertising clients. Before Michael Samak came to Burda, he worked for 17 years at the international advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Most recently he served as CEO for the entire business in Germany and Switzerland.

     “The battle for advertising money among intermedia competitors is getting fiercer all the time. I am pleased to work together with the partners in the PMA to develop new strategies and promote marketing-related topics as speaker of the working group.” Michael Samak, discussing his new role.

     The tasks that the PMA has defined for itself to help support the newspaper publishers in the field of ad marketing include developing successful strategies, image, operational efficiency, industrial advocacy, expertise and networking, carrying out studies and holding events, designing framework architecture and supporting the development of industry standards for advertising.


    BCN client Hearst acquires G+J portfolio in the Netherlands.

    Our international client Hearst has recently concluded a full takeover of G+J Media Nederland. That means that BCN now offers its clients even more power in the fields of fashion and lifestyle in one of Germany’s neighbouring countries.

    Hearst Netherlands will not only manage its existing brands, such as ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Harper's BAZAAR, Esquire, Quote and Men's & Women's Health – its portfolio will now include brands such as Vogue, JAN, Glamour, Quest and National Geographic as well. With this acquisition, Hearst Netherlands has strengthened its position on the magazine and digital markets as well in the luxury sector, making it the number one branded content house with a focus on high-profile, wealthy target audiences.

    Naturally, all information and offers for the international titles are available from BCN International Media.

    About BCN: BCN’s international media team offers media in over 40 markets around the world – all from a single provider. To provide these exclusive offers, we work together with selected international publishers such as Hearst, Lagardère, Hindustan Times, Styria, The Rake and others.

    Your contacts:

    New Leadership Team for BCN
    New Leadership Team for BCN

    BCN managing directors, Burkhard Graßmann and Michael Samak, position and consolidate Burda’s marketer for the future and could win recognized experts for three central management positions.

    Susanne Müller (39) will occupy the position of Director Client Services. She has already been responsible for the central interface to more than 3,000 advertising customers from seven industries as deputy director for one year now. At the same time she leads the teams responsible for the industry branches automotive, telco & electronics. Susanne Müller has been working in the agency and media industry for more than 15 years and has been with Hubert Burda Media since 2005. For BCN she initially worked in the regional agency and customer business and then took over various management functions in the central key account management.


    Bernd Picker (49) joins BCN on 1 October 2017 and comes from Handelsblatt Publishing Group. He will take over the position of Director Media Sales and will bear responsibility for the interface unit to media agencies. As Sales Director of Iq Media – the central marketer of VHB - he was responsible for the national and international business. Bernd Picker will be responsible for BCN’s four agency locations: Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. All four agency units have a de-centralized structure and are each managed by a Head of Media Sales.


    Mandy Schwab (44) will support the BCN team as Director Next Media starting 1 October 2017. She assumes responsibility for the entire digital marketing service offer of BCN. Mandy Schwab’s former employer was AOL Germany, where she has been responsible for the operative and strategic sales management of the entire portfolio as Sales Director D-A-CH since 2016. Prior to that, she held various sales management positions with Microsoft Deutschland, Axel Springer and Endemol.


    "We look forward to welcome our new colleagues – every one of them a recognized sales and marketing expert. This leadership constellation will emphasize even more clearly BCN’s potential vis-á-vis customers and agencies in the competitive environment and consolidate its position as number 1 in the magazine market.” Burkhard Graßmann, BCN Managing Director